Daily Fix, May 18


*Utah auditors found substantial problems in an Eden liquor store, but the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control commissioners largely defended their oversight. SL Trib Commissioners knew about increased payments to the failing outlet, received insurance money to cover liquor inventory losses, and kept the failing store open in order to dissuade people from driving through Ogden canyon. Commissioners claim the only losses were $110,300 in profits that weren’t sent to the state. The man running the store has filed for bankruptcy and the DABC has consulted a state attorney to decide whether criminal charges will be pursued.

*And speaking of liquor, Senator Hatch is teaming up with Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont, to introduce legislation to block welfare recipients from using their benefits at liquor stores, casinos and sexually-oriented businesses. SL Trib Utah already blocks welfare recipients from withdrawing their funds at liquor stores.

*Rep. Matheson is sponsoring the Fairness to Pet Owners Act to allow pet owners to buy pet medicines from pharmacies, rather than directly from the veterinarian. Deseret News

*The White House is trying to control layout decisions of the Boston Herald. Boston Herald After running a full-page editorial on Mitt Romney, the Boston Herald was refused full access to a fundraiser today. The offending op-ed is here.

*Republicans in California enjoyed a “major upset” when GOP candidate for California’s 36th Congressional District Craig Huey secured one of the two spots in the May runoff election. LA Times

*Senators Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Johnny Isakson (Ga.) and John McCain (Ariz.), plan to vote against ending debate in the confirmation of Goodwin Liu to the appellate court because of his testimony during the confirmation hearings of Justice Samuel Alito Jr. that showed Liu has “an ideological superiority or disdain for conservative ideology.” Liu argued that Justice Alito’s judicial philosophy is reminiscent of the Jim Crow Era. This would be the first of President Obama’s judicial nominees to be successfully filibustered.

*And on a lighter note, Justin Bieber visited with some teens from the most hard-hit areas of Japan to help lift the spirits of the Japanese people. CNN Lucky for them, he didn’t sing!


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