Daily Fix, May 19


*Utah lawmakers are taking a risk assessment of Utah’s first proposed nuclear plant in Green River. SL Trib

*Representative Jason Chaffetz told Rajiv Shah, the top U.S. foreign aid official, that the agency had failed in Haiti, and questioned him about a memo with wildly inaccurate claims about operations in Iraq. Washington Post Examples of the fraudulent claims: “123,000 were reported as benefiting from water and well projects that did not produce potable water,” and “22 individuals attended a five-day mental health course, yet 1.5 million were reported as beneficiaries.”

*The number of new people applying for jobless benefits fell for the second week in a row; but, the four-week average continued to rise. SL Trib Claims in Utah, however, have been dropping since April. And although nearly 10% of Utah homeowners are struggling or in foreclosure, that rate has dropped since last year, and is at least 2.3% below the national average. SL Trib

*South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a law yesterday that requires photo identification to vote. Human Events.com

*Mitch Daniels will decide by the end of the month whether to run for President or not. The Hill No hurry, really. Jon Huntsman, Jr. hasn’t announced a candidacy and he’s starting a 5-day 11-city tour in New Hampshire this evening. LA Times

*The Tennessee state legislature will vote tomorrow on legislation that would limit state teachers’ unions’ collective bargaining rights. Hot Air The bill is similar to legislation passed in Wisconsin earlier this year, but without the fanfare. What is particularly noteworthy is that Tennessee isn’t passing this bill to balance their budget, because a state constitutional provision requires that they have a balanced budget, but simply as “a way to improve education quality by returning decision-making authority to the hands of elected, accountable school board officials and away from union leaders.” Huh.

*And, the filibuster of Goodwin Liu mentioned yesterday was successful. Wall Street Journal


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  1. Jerome Borden Says:

    About that Liu filibuster: Senator Lee voted NO while Senator Hatch voted PRESENT. Wasn’t “present” a tradition used often by our current President while he was in the Illinois and US Senate? Oh well, half-way there is better than no-way there.

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