Daily Fix, May 20


*Rep. Jason Chaffetz to the “older” members of the U.S. House, “I am your worst nightmare.” Washington Post

*U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder awarded Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff with an award for Outstanding Local Prosecutor’s Office for Shurtleff’s work against child exploitation crimes. SL Trib

*James Taranto takes issue with Senator Orrin Hatch’s “present” vote in the Goodwin Liu cloture vote yesterday and argues that “present” is in effect “no”. WSJ After noting that Senator Hatch didn’t rule out the possibility of ever supporting a filibuster of a judicial nominee, Taranto opines that with regard to Sen. Hatch’s “present” vote, “It’s hard to imagine a protest with less of a point.”

*The House Appropriations Homeland Security subcommittee denied the Obama Administration’s request for $76 million for an additional 275 airport body scanners. Seattle pi While the TSA is working on new software to address privacy concerns, the current body scanners aren’t likely going anywhere since, as Rep. Jason Chaffetz notes, “The whole-body-imaging machines have something that (bomb-sniffing) dogs don’t have, lobbyists.”

*Today is the 60th day since President Obama started combat operations in Libya and according to the War Powers Act, the President must have either secured congressional approval, or withdraw forces within 30 days. The Hill Senators Paul, Lee, DeMint, Johnson, Coburn and Cornyn sent a letter to the White House on Thursday asking if the President was going to comply with the War Powers Act; they received no reply. Jazz Shaw over at HotAir wonders if President Obama was hoping the WPA would be the first to be taken up in the Rapture on Saturday.

*Here is a fascinating report on the 39 terror plots actually foiled since 9/11, and where the failed terrorists are now. Heritage I find it particularly uncomfortable to know that at least 3 of the terrorists are residing in the same U.S. prison.

*In an Oval Office media event, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected President Obama’s call for Israel to withdraw back to pre-1967 borders. Fox News President Obama is set to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Sunday.

*According to new census data, marriages in the U.S. are lasting longer, with 75% of couples married since 1990 celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Heritage

*And finally, Tim Pawlenty will announce on Monday that he is running for President. RedState Is he going to the beach this weekend or something?


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  1. rmwarnick Says:

    The War Powers Act 60-day limit applies to military operations in response to an attack on the United States. Libya neither attacked us nor threatened to do so. The war in Libya was illegal from day one.

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