Daily Fix, May 23



*Multiple mudslides blocked roads and canyons throughout Utah this weekend. KSL

*The Washington Post covered Jon Huntsman Jr.’s first network television interview since returning from Beijing by concentrating on the “sideshow” that is his religion. WA Post

*In other Huntsman news, Jon Huntsman Jr. hunts primarily “large varmints.” It’s a swipe at Mitt Romney, if you’re unfamiliar with the story. Politico

*Senate Democrats and Republicans are jumping into the fight between NLRB and Boeing. The Hill

*President Obama reiterated his call to return Israel to pre-1967 borders to an unimpressed crowd at AIPAC. The Hill And while the president tried to walk back his comments by stating his proposal to start negotiations based on the 1967 border lines was nothing new, when the foreign affairs columnist from the Wall Street Journal spoke to the crowd afterwards and stated that “the reference to the 1967 borders was ‘not as innocent as the president laid it out today,'” the audience “roared with applause.”

*Meanwhile, in other anti-Israel sentiments, students at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, tried to kick Sabra hummus, partly owned by an Israeli company, off campus, but failed to get the requisite 1500 voters. Inside Higher Ed DePaul University has approximately 25,000 students.

*In campaign news, Tim Pawlenty is running for President, RedState and tells IOWA that farm subsidies should be out. RedState Herman Cain is running for President, The Hill, and does not intend to be part of the establishment. DailyCaller And Mitch Daniels is not running. PoliticalWire Blogger Ann Althouse thinks Daniels may not be running partly because of his involvement in Indiana’s law to defund Planned Parenthood, which the Obama administration is challenging. Althouse

*And in local campaign news, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is not running for President, but he IS running for reelection as SLC mayor. Fox 13


*Utah’s redistricting website is finally up. RedistrictUtah

*Joplin, Missouri, has been devastated by a Sunday-night tornado, and at least 89 are dead. CNN The tornado is being called one of the 25 deadliest.

*The Supreme Court has ordered California to release approximately 40,000 inmates due to overcrowding. LA Times

*Wisconsin state election officials certified results of a recount and declared Justice David Prosser re-elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. JS Online

*And, in a strike against polygamy, Osama bin Laden’s older wives think the younger wife may have tipped off the U.S. The Australian


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  1. Rob Crawford Says:

    Not sure why Romney and Huntsman feel the need to appease the gun nuts by hunting varmints of any size. When I learned that several prophets had condemned hunting for sport, that was enough for me. I would hunt if necessary to feed my family, but for no other reason.

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