Daily Fix, May 24


*After the devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday evening, the National Weather Service is issuing warnings for severe weather in the same region today. Fox News

*Two twelve-year-old middle school boys in Logan have been charged in juvenile court with hazing after they used duct tape to bind the hands and feet of a classmate. SL Trib

*The wet weather will leave fewer available camping spots for this weekend’s Memorial Day camping. Fox13 And it didn’t do much for the people camping out overnight for the U2 concert either. SL Trib

*Netflix’s movies and television shows overtakes web surfing for internet traffic. SL Trib

*Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. will be in Salt Lake City this weekend attending the graduation of his son from high school and attending a small reception in Huntsman’s honor for the unveiling of his official gubernatorial portrait that will hang in the Capitol. Deseret News

*Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani is thinking about another run for the presidency. Washington Examiner

*President Obama is preparing an executive order that would require anyone seeking a federal contract to furnish a list of all donations to political candidates, parties, and even groups that participate in political activities. WA Post In light of the President’s admission last year that he intends to punish his enemies and reward his friends, the executive order is seen as attempting a chill on free speech. WA Post


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