Daily Fix, May 25


Rockin out to student tunes in the Davis Applied Technology College – thanks for the wifi!

*Senator Hatch will likely find himself at odds with the Tea Party when he votes to extend certain sections of the Patriot Act on Friday. SL Trib The 3 other members of Utah’s Republican federal delegation, Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Rob Bishop and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, all oppose the extension. Rep. Chaffetz voted to extend sections in February, felt the heat from local TP leaders, and will not be doing so again.

*A “massive makeover” of food and retail shops at SLC International Airport will likely boost sales by $34 million a year.Deseret News Renovations are likely to take 18 months.

*If you’re wondering about paying for your gas with gold or silver, Bob Bernick at Utah Policy has an article for you.

*A St. Louis Facebook group organizes and sends 4 trucks worth of supplies to Joplin. RightNetwork You can do hard things!

*Paul Ryan fights back with a video explaining why Medicare needs to be reformed. WA Post

*Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, is paying kids not to go to college. The Chronicle

*Victor Davis Hanson and Justice Scalia both lament the California prison release.

*Jared Lee Loughner, the man who shot down Rep. Giffords and killed 6 in the parking lot of a Arizona grocery store, has been found incompetent to stand trial. AP

*Jon Huntsman, Jr. kicks off a fundraising tour in California, WA Post, by touting his foreign policy experience,Boston.com, and talking about his California roots and green energy advocacy. SF Gate

*And speaking of green energy, Utah’s largest wind farm is developing into its 2nd phase of development in Beaver county. SL Trib The Boston-based company that owns the farm provides power that travels 80 miles to a substation for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in Delta, Utah, and then on to Los Angeles. Despite the MA and CA connections, the project has benefitted Utah by requiring 20 full-time staffers and up to 200 construction workers during peak construction phases. More importantly, its success will hopefully inspire Utah companies to start similar projects.

*Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has sent a letter to the Chief Executive of Bank of America, warning him that the bank is conducting illegal foreclosures in the state of Utah. Wall Street Journal The bank claims that it is protected under federal law and doesn’t have to follow Utah law because its subsidiary, ReconTrust, is not a Utah corporation. Shurtleff “adamantly disagrees” and argues that ReconTrust must be a member of the state bar or a title company. Shurtleff gave BofA 30 days to respond. Bloomberg


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