Daily Fix, May 26


*Indiana joins Utah and Arizona as targets of ACLU lawsuits after the Indiana Legislature passed enforcement-only immigration bills in response to the federal government’s inaction. IBJ But the Supreme Court gave a victory to states today when it upheld a 2007 Arizona law that sanctions businesses for hiring illegal immigrants. WA Post The ACLU was disappointed by the ruling, and that’s a win for everyone.

*Cesar Conde, President of Univision Networks, now works for President Obama. NRO If you’re wondering about a conflict of interest problem . . . Look! A squirrel!

*”Today, in what would be a major news story if the times we live in were not so bizarre, the Senate voted 97-0 against President Obama’s FY 2012 budget.” Powerline The Dems can vote down budget plans left and right, they just can’t come up with any of their own.

*Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has changed course and decided to appeal the recent innocence ruling of Debra Brown. AP The AG explained his reasoning, which included not setting a “fatally flawed” legal precedent, in a press conference today. SL Trib He also issued a press release.

*Utah Data Points, a blog written by political science professors from Utah universities, will post studies and analysis of the ongoing redistricting process over the next few weeks. Add them to your news reader.

*A judge in Wisconsin has struck down Gov. Walker’s legislation limiting public employee collective bargaining rights for violating the state’s open meetings law. JS Online The state Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on June 6, and IMHO, will likely reverse this lower court’s overreach.

*Barney Frank admitted to helping his lover land a cushy job at Fannie Mae. Boston Herald No surprise there.

*Marco Rubio now has a video about saving Medicare. That’s probably a good idea, being that the Trustees of Medicare have issued a report stating that Medicare will be bust by 2024. Bloomberg

*And, just for fun. Because it’s Thursday. Trust me, it’s funny.


3 Responses to “Daily Fix, May 26”

  1. Rob Crawford Says:

    To me, if SCOTUS allows states to sanction employers for hiring the undocumented, then it should also be allowed for states to allow employers to hire the undocumented (i.e. through programs like HB 116).

  2. Michelle Q. Mumford Says:

    It’s definitely a good decision for states.


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