Daily Fix, May 27


*Rep. Carl Wimmer has opened a bill file to eventually bring forward legislation that would require TSA agents to have reasonable suspicion or probable cause before performing a pat down search on a person. Herald Extra I can hear the new battle cry — “Don’t pat on me!”

*Rudy Giuliani has won the top spot in a recent national poll, receiving 16% of Republican and Independent votes, followed by MItt Romney at 15% and Sarah Palin at 13%. Politico With 12 possible candidates, and the top reaching only 16%, I think the 2012 ticket is far from set.

*The Utah Compact is gaining traction in Arizona, notably only because Arizona was the first state to start the take-back of immigration policy from the federal government by passing enforcement-only immigration legislation. SL Trib That enforcement-only legislation, though, has been found unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit in USA v. Arizona. But just yesterday the Supreme Court upheld a 2007 Arizona law that sanctioned employers for hiring illegal aliens. Wash. Post Add to the confusion the fact that the federal government says one thing and does another with regard to its immigration enforcement. Immigration cases are handled by administrative judges within the DOJ who have no authority to actually enforce their rulings. Washington Examiner There are currently more than 1 million unenforced deportation orders. One thing is clear, federal immigration policy is a complete mess, and we’re going to have to stand up to fix it.

*Utah Data Points finds that Salt Lake County will likely lose 3 Utah house seats that will go to Utah and/or Davis County. UDP That doesn’t bode well for Democrats.

*A California elementary school started gender diversity lessons for kindergarteners! FoxNews The lessons included materials about boys dressing in girls clothes and, for the older grades, lessons on single-sex and transgender examples from the animal kingdom. I know bears sleep all winter – does that mean I can too?

*U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor received $1.175 million in a book deal advance for a memoir about her life. WSJ Hopefully she’ll have a lot of time to write it as she recuses herself from healthcare and immigration cases that she’s had prior involvement in – you know, the major, relevant issues of the day.

*And finally, be safe this holiday weekend, and don’t forget what Memorial Day is all about.


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