Daily Fix, May 31


Now that Memorial Day has passed and the weather is improving . . .


*The Salt Lake Tribune thinks Jon Huntsman, Jr. should run for President. And I thought they’d endorse Sarah Palin. It seems like the Trib found this.

*Texas Governor Rick Perry, governor of the state leading the nation in job creation, has said he will consider running for President. The Hill

*Some local farmers try year after year to hire local workers, to no avail. Instead, they contract with an out-of-state company who completes the onerous leg-work for bringing in migrant workers on work visas for the harvest season. Deseret News Doesn’t make much sense. Meanwhile, Rep. Sandstrom announced on Friday that he would be seeking to pass a Utah version of the recently-upheld E-Verify bill in Arizona that requires businesses to use the federal verification program to screen for undocumented immigrants. SL Trib But the farmers in the above article are still out of local workers, and out of luck.

*The UTA’s decision to not hedge fuel prices has cost Utah millions of dollars since gas prices have risen 32% in the past year. SL Trib UTA’s Chief Financial Officer admits he doesn’t “understand the fuel market very well”. How does the CFO of Utah’s transportation company not understand hedging? Couldn’t he take some kind of continuing education course?

*The Washington Post singled out Mormons in Virginia. Wash Post Get it? Singled out …

*And the New York Times featured Utah for its new sound money policy. NY Times But still, you’d “be a fool” to take your gold coin to to 7-Eleven for a slurpee. Or 50.


*The flooding has started. Areas already affected are Kaysville, Logan, Layton, Syracuse, Taylorsville, West Bountiful and West Valley City. Fox 13 Areas under warnings are Davis, Juab, Morgan, Piute, Sanpete, Sevier, Summit and Weber counties. Please help out where you can.

*Mitt Romney details his major “political feat” that eventually became RomneyCare. Deseret News I’m not sure this is the issue he wants to keep bringing up.

*Florida’s governor has vetoed PBS funds for state public TV and radio stations and everyone is shouting layoffs. Media Bistro OK, layoffs. But less tax money to public TV and radio means more money kept by individual taxpayers (is the idea), who can then invest in their own business thereby creating jobs for those cut off from the gvmt dole. It’s good policy.

*U.S. House Republicans have asked the FCC to take the “fairness doctrine” off the books. The Hill The doctrine has already been found unconstitutional, but for some reason was left in the Code of Federal Regulations, giving creative Democrats the idea to call for the demise of Fox News, all in the name of fairness, of course.

*The U.S. House is scheduled to vote tonight on legislation that raises the debt limit by $2.4 trillion without any corresponding spending limits. CNN Well that’s a no-brainer. Can someone call Key Bank for me and ask if they’ll increase my line of credit because I want to go to Hawaii this summer?? Thanks. And please, don’t mention that the value of my house has declined this past year.


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