Rep Weiner admits lewd tweet is him


Let me just say at the outset that this is a difficult blog to write. Why? Because there are jokes galore that I am trying hard not to make……..

So, last week, Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) claimed his Twitter account was hacked and used to send a lewd photo to a young woman in Seattle. Of course, his phone was also “hijacked”, since it was the one used to send the photo. Accusing Andrew Breitbart of a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” (OK, my words), he denied it, blamed others, and generally acting outraged.’

Of course, I don’t know anyone who ACTUALLY believed he was innocent, but for those few who did, Rep Weiner came clean today – after being almost 15 minutes late and getting upstaged by …. Andrew Breitbart. Not only did he take the picture and send it to the young woman in Seattle, he admitted that this is not the first time, that there have been “about” six other women who have gotten pics of his junk and oh, by the way – he THINKS they were all adults. He’s apparently active on Facebook too…..

Then, because he could not stop digging, he refused to answer questions about phone sex, says he broke no House rules, admitted that he didn’t even tell his wife wife until today that the pic was him. He did say “She was not happy.” Duh. Also, he sees no reason to resign. In case you forgot, Rep Chris Lee, also from New York, but a Republican and not a Democrat, resigned after sending a shirtless photo of himself via Craigslist. Wanna place bets that the next press conference (to announce his resignation) takes place by the end of the month?

He did apologize to Andrew Breitbart – not because he was sorry, but because Andrew has an “X-rated” picture that Weiner sent out and Breitbart was planning on releasing it…

The campaign ads for his replacement have written themselves. Let the games begin. Long live the Internet.

Oh, and just for kicks, my favorite Onion video (it’s satire….or life imitating art?)
Congressman Offers Preemptive Apology For Extramarital Affair


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7 Responses to “Rep Weiner admits lewd tweet is him”

  1. Eric Hafen Says:

    Chrystia Freeland on MSNBC right after the press conference made an embarrassing defense of Rep. Weiner. Here are some of her quotes and a link to her video:

    “Today was a masterful performance. I thought he was very contrite. He was very direct. He let people ask him a lot of tough personal questions.”

    “If there was any way he could have handled today that gave him the best possible chance of staying in office. I think this was the press conference”

    “It will be used by crisis management trainers for business men who have done something wrong.” (yea lets focus the attention away from this Democratic Congressman and onto those evil business men)

    “Do you know what I thought was great? He didn’t make his wife stand up there with him… That was a classy touch.”

    “If he hadn’t lied about it, would this be a really big deal? how bad really is this? Its not illegal. Is watching a porno movie immoral?”

  2. 21st CenturySLC Says:

    Making a little history today as against all odds I wholeheartedly support this post from Holly and agree that Weiner stepped on his **** ( think content of photo) and needs to resign pronto!

    This is a non partisan issue. Both republican and democratic politicians have embarrassed themselves, us, and our nation with sexist, adolescent boorish behavior that would get you fired from most jobs and kicked out of most clubs, not to mention families!

    We really need more women in positions of power. Quickly.

  3. Daniel B. Says:

    Wow. It’s one thing to have an unfortunate last name.

    It’s another thing altogether to give the stand-ups, late nights, SNLs, and the Onion, not to mention the blogosphere more material for fun than they know how to handle….no pun intended.

  4. rmwarnick Says:

    The spectacle of Andrew Breitbart, who ought to have no credibility at all by now, stealing the podium at Rep. Weiner’s press conference was the ugliest. And then Weiner apologized to Breitbart!

    Meanwhile, chronic unemployment and housing prices are worse than during the Great Depression, while an out-of-control White House wages war in Libya without congressional authorization.

  5. Dwight Says:

    This is why we need conservative leadership. While Weiner was immoral, he failed to break the law, or even be much of a hypocrite. We can trust in the Republicans to go after, and have actual physical relations with underage pages (or turn the eye when one of their own does), turn out to be closet homosexuals, use mommy and daddy’s money to illegally pay off former lovers, cheat on their spouse cause they love America so much and campaign on family values when they don’t actually have any. It’s disappointing to see, but he is a Democrat, he doesn’t exactly campaign on morality.

  6. John Says:

    The notion that Weiner did nothing wrong is, well, wrong. Weiner sits on the Committee on Energy and Commerce which is lobbied by Facebook and Twitter creating a bit of an akward conflict of interest because, like his Wife, he owes them huge for infering that their systems were hacked but I am sure they will settle for legislative favor…you see where I am going with this? He also sits on the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and will certainly be a focus of that commitee and is certainly a conflict of interest. Beyond that we don’t even know if he broke any house rules yet. I realize he said he didn’t but he said he didn’t do some other things too. We can’t say he didn’t do anythign wrong until the investigation is complete.

  7. Dwight Says:

    How would they leverage this? By releasing the picture that has already been plastered all over the media for the last week? If we want to talk about conflicts of interest, this is an ant hill compared to the mountain that is Justice Thomas and Citizens United, and in that instance we have actual illegal behavior by Thomas in his failure to disclose for years where his wife was drawing a six figure salary.

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