Daily Fix, June 7


*Supporters of Utah’s controversial guest worker bill, HB116, have launched a campaign in support of the bill. (SL Trib) Not everyone is happy about it. As an officer of the SLCO GOP, I support repeal. But it seems like these Convention Resolutions aren’t helping much. I have yet to read an article or hear a report about one single legislator who is asking for a special session to repeal. So, there’s a whole lot of acrimony, but it’s falling on deaf ears.

*There are 4 confirmed cases of measles in Cache County. (HJ News) Watch for a fever, runny nose, cough and a rash over the body.

*Adam Brown from Utah Data Points strikes again with his research finding that Jon Huntsman would have a 48% chance of beating Obama, compared to Mitt Romney’s 41%. (Data Points)

*A West Virginia-based judge was suspended last month for approving every single appeal for federal disability benefits to unemployed workers, and Senator Hatch is seeking an investigation into whether “Americans are cheating the system.” (SL Trib) A government program subject to waste and abuse? I don’t believe it.

*Utah has raised its Motion Picture Incentive from 20% to 25% in an effort to lure productions to Utah. (SL Trib) Even though the trend nationwide seems to be reducing or eliminating such tax incentives, Utah believes attracting the business is worth the cost. And really, everyone wants to be a star.

*It seems like the homebuyer tax credit didn’t do much for the housing market. (Seeking Alpha.com) The only question seems to be if the housing market is in a double dip, or if it even came out of the first dip. The total cost of the credit was $24 billion. To no surprise, the government program failed to actually stimulate anything other than increased debt for us all. President Obama, though, is not concerned. He must be looking at a different metric, like how Friends of Obama have fared. It’s good to be king.

*Even in our tough economic times, a Salt Lake City private equity firm has raised $50 million for its newest fund. (SL Trib) One well-known contributor to the new fund at Peterson Partners is David Checketts, Real Salt Lake owner. Maybe things are finally going to turn around.

*The President’s chief economic advisor, Austan Goolsbee, the last of the “brain trust”, has finally resigned and is headed back to Chicago. (VodkaPundit) Being that President Obama stopped asking for the daily economic briefing a while ago, as reported by The Hill, it makes sense that Goolsbee is heading home. I guess that means Obama is going to turn the economy over to Vice President Biden. Who doesn’t feel the excitement and optimism? Call it Recovery Summer 2.

*Good news for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who is “cancer free.” (Deseret News) Check out his tweet about it here.

*And finally, Michael Zak pens a piece called from Al Capone to Barack Obama. As the name implies, he outlines similarities and connections between President Obama’s rise in politics and Mafia-like ACORN. I guess we’re all just waiting for the horse’s head … and the empty vault. Paging Geraldo Rivera.


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  1. Jacob Says:

    “President Obama, though, is not concerned. He must be looking at a different metric, like how Friends of Obama have fared. It’s good to be king.”

    As you noted, he isn’t asking for briefings on the economy. Can we assume he isn’t looking at any metrics at all? DC, housing market and otherwise, is booming. If that is what he is seeing, of course he thinks all is well. With all due respect of the office he needs to pull his head out of the bubble, which is DC, and see how the rest of the country is fairing. He was using the analogy of pulling the car out of the ditch for some time. I think we need a new driver.

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