Daily Fix, June 8


*A report of a May 18 article in Forbes featuring Jon Huntsman Sr. as a top philanthropist hit the Salt Lake Tribune today. The article notes that Huntsman Sr. has given more than $1.2 billion to various charities including homeless shelters, medical clinics, soup kitchens and what ultimately became the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Not sure why the Trib thinks the almost-month-old article is newsworthy today, other than a free press opp for their candidate-of-choice Jon Huntsman, Jr. It is good press. And speaking of the family, they have decided that they are “comfortable moving forward.”

*And speaking of Jon Huntsman, the Tea Party is going after Mitt Romney in a big way. (Daily Caller) At least, the Alaskan Tea Party, or “Western Representation PAC.” What ever happened to the 11th Commandment?

*Senator Orrin Hatch took a verbal swing at possible-opponent Rep. Jason Chaffetz on the Hugh Hewitt show last night, saying that “he thought Chaffetz could be a ‘halfway decent congressman’ if he just focused on the job.” (The Hill) Ouch. Chaffetz swung back: “I have taken issue with his positions and now he’s criticizing me on my drive and tenacity — classic[.]” Indeed, classic.

*And in similar news, Rep. Chaffetz told a Wall Street Journal reporter that concerning a run against Hatch, “I have increasing clarity and I’m leaning towards doing it[.]” (Washington Wire) He then pointed out that Senator Hatch is asking for 42 years in the Senate. That’s a long time.

*Michael Otterson stands up to religious bigots and defends a Mormon’s right to be involved in national politics. (Washington Post) That’s right, the Washington Post. Money quote: “What it seems you would like me and six million other Mormons in the U.S. to do is concede a fundamental right granted to all Americans because we don’t fit within your definition of what is theologically acceptable. Fortunately, that’s not what the Constitution says, and it’s not what America teaches.”

*Well make me eat crow, Senator Bramble, author of the controversial HB116 guest worker bill, is suggesting “clarifications” to the bill as a result of the negative attention the party convention Resolutions have inspired. (SL Trib) Some of the changes would require the guest worker to have “an established domicile” in the state rather than just living here, which could preclude many temporary farm workers, and requiring the grown children of workers to also pass a background check before the worker receives a family permit.

*CEO of federally-bailed-out General Motors Daniel Akerson is calling for a $1 gas tax increase, in order to spur higher purchases of his federally-bailed-out GM Cruze or Volt. (autoblog green) He must not like families with kids. Or Democrats. Because I can tell you that if gas goes to $5/gallon, Republicans are going to win BIG. Hey Obama — DO IT. Maybe Akerson had something to do with OPEC’s “unexpected” resistance to increasing oil production. (HotAir) Hmm.

*The Louisiana State House of Representatives is contemplating at attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade by passing a bill to ban all abortions. (Townhall) Similar bills are under way in both Alabama and Mississippi. Funny, I haven’t heard a thing about it.

*And finally, I almost had a heart attack until I realized this was a joke. But the fact that we all have to read to the bottom to make sure it is a joke, is the real joke.


5 Responses to “Daily Fix, June 8”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    RE: Wimmer – Um,…aren’t jokes like this supposed to be limited to April 1? Maybe Utah Policy is aiming to break in on the Onion’s turf?

  2. Rob Crawford Says:

    I thought Bill Wright was the author of HB 116.

  3. Michelle Q. Mumford Says:

    Yes Rob – you’re correct, he is the sponsoring Rep.

  4. John English Says:

    Interesting comment from Sen. Hatch. He knows if he wants to ward off Chaffetz, he has to woo the same delegates that voted for Lee or Bridgewater, so what makes Chaffetz not a halfway decent Congressman?

  5. Orem Chiropractor Says:

    These Hatch-Chaffetz quarrels are going to be fun!

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