Daily Fix, June 9


*The Governors are coming! Governor Herbert is on track to raise $2 million from the private sector to host the annual National Governors Association meeting in Utah this July. (SL Trib) I feel like we ought to have a signal for a Chris Christie sighting. Maybe a lamp or two in the Old North Church?

*Newt Gingrich’s entire senior staff resigned today en mass, citing disagreements concerning the path of the campaign. (Washington Post) Gingrich’s recent cruise to the Greek Isles seems to have had something to do with it. One unnamed GOP consultant shared with Jim Geraghty: “I have never seen a two week vacation two weeks after entering [the race]; I took that as portentous.” (Campaign Spot) Gingrich had “nothing to say” except for “I am committed to running the substantive, solutions-oriented campaign I set out to run earlier this spring.” Two of the former Gingrich senior staffers are long-time aides to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, fueling speculation that Perry will enter the race. Geraghty reporting again from another unnamed GOP consultant: “I bet Perry is in this thing sooner rather than later – these guys aren’t jumping off without somewhere else to land.” (Campaign Spot) And, in fact, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Perry is getting serious about it.

*An analysis from Utah Data Points shows that Republicans didn’t necessarily gerrymander districts back in 2001. (Utah Data Points) It suggests that the current disparity (Democrats cast 30% of the votes but only won 23% of the seats) is more likely a result of our single-member district electoral system. In other words, the study suggests that if Democrats want “their” full 30% of votes, they need to live closer together (in a kind of heaven on earth? The Ghost of WFB: “No, don’t immanenitize the eschaton.”). Or recruit. Or get better ideas. Or start a drum circle, I don’t know. But if you build it …

*Last week we summarized an article on Utah Sen. Ben McAdams, calling him a “DINO.” Did that help or hurt him? To set the record straight: the Daily Fix [hearts] Sen. Ben McAdams. You’re welcome.

*Speaking of redistricting … the Legislature’s Redistricting Committee has its new mapping software up and working. Check it out: RedistrictUtah.com.

*Slow news day. Or maybe a bit of a cooling off from the Weinergate firestorm. Rep. Matheson called on Weiner to resign. Even the Daily Show is feeling it. Or not feeling it anymore. And finally some Utah summer sun. Finally.


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