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*Deseret News reported on Saturday that Jon Huntsman is about a “week and a half out” from announcing a presidential bid. He won’t, though, be participating in tonight’s Republican debate. (Bloomberg) See more on tonight’s debate below.

*Huntsman’s “campaign”, though not officially started, has already made some major gaffes. An “overeager staffer” announced the financial support of FedEx founder Fredrick W. Smith, a prominent Republican fundraiser, after an “innocuous” phone call between Huntsman and Smith. (Washington Post) A FedEx executive speaking on behalf of Smith had to come out and declare that Smith has not yet committed any support to any presidential candidate. Oops.

*Not really news, but Roll Call reported that Rep. Jim Matheson is considering a run for Senate or Governor. So which is it?? A true politician only decides after he’s had a chance to weigh where his best chances lie. I’m tired of true politicians.

*This weekend was BIG for Mormons. The Book of Mormon Musical won the Tony for Best Musical and Best Original Score (and 7 others). (New York Times) Granted, I haven’t seen the musical but I have to be glad that new-to-Broadway, creative writers and producers were rewarded for their ingenuity. And besides, we can make fun of ourselves, right? There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

*And in case you missed it, Broadway is not just for gays anymore.


*CNN is hosting a New Hampshire Republican debate tonight, 8 p.m. ET. (CNN) Those included in tonight’s debate are Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum. Here’s Gary Johnson’s feelings about CNN excluding him from their debate. In preparation for the debate, Mitt Romney released a video challenging President Obama on economic policies. The seasoned campaigner knows who the enemy is. Regardless, Jim Geraghty doesn’t expect much out of tonight’s debate. (Campaign Spot)

*Utah Rep. Jackie Biskupski, the only openly gay legislator presently serving, is moving out of her district and has therefore resigned her seat.

*A U.S. District Court judge in California heard evidence today in a hearing to vacate Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision that pronounced Proposition 8 as unconstitutional on the ground that Judge Walker was himself in a 10-year same-sex relationship. (AP) Lawyers seeking the decision to vacate argued that Judge Walker was in the same shoes as the plaintiffs, but the judge asked for actual evidence that Judge Walker wanted to marry his partner, and the lawyers offered none. The judge will not likely grant the request to vacate, as “efforts to get women judges thrown off gender discrimination cases or Hispanic judges removed from immigration cases have failed.”

*Utah Data Points looked at “how badly” Utah districts were gerrymandered in 2001, and concluded that they weren’t at all. (Utah Data Points) For example, in Salt Lake County, 45% of the votes cast in the 31 Utah House races went to Democratic candidates, but Democrats won 52% of the seats.

*And finally, reports are now brewing that Rep. Weiner is seriously considering resigning. You think? In the words of Peggy Noonan: But sometimes all of Washington has to put up its hand up like a traffic cop and say no. It has to say: That doesn’t go here, it’s not acceptable, it’s not among the normal human transgressions of back stairs, love affairs and the congressman on the take. This is decadence. It is pornography. We can’t let the world, and the young, know it’s “politically survivable.” Because that will hurt us, not him, and define us, not him. So: enough.


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  1. Daniel B. Says:

    ANTHONY WIENER: Please don’t resign! We need the campaign ads that your reelection campaign will spawn….

  2. rmwarnick Says:

    Willard “Mitt” Romney slams President Obama for using the well-worn cliche “bumps on the road to recovery.”

    (1) At least our President acknowledged that recovery is a long way off, showing that he is aware of the state of the economy on Main Street and knows that tax cuts for the rich did nothing to create jobs.

    (2) Willard likes to use the same cliche himself.

    (3) As front runner, Willard wants to focus on criticism of the Obama administration. But most of the other GOP presidential contenders will be taking aim at Willard.

    (4) Willard has an image problem, because in his business incarnation he was the CEO who killed your job!

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