Daily Fix, June 14


*Michele Bachmann announced her bid for President during the Republican debate in New Hampshire last night. (Fox News) Rep. Bachmann is a third-term Minnesota Congresswoman who started and currently chairs the U.S. House of Representatives Tea Party Caucus. Rep. Bachmann and our very own Rep. Richardson must be soul-sisters – Rep. Bachmann has 5 children and has had 23 foster children!

*Spokane Planned Parenthood was fined $700,000 by the Washington state health department for “routinely overbilling Medicaid for abortions as well as contraception and family planning services.” (Life News) This is just further evidence of the organized crime racket that Planned Parenthood is.

*”Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.” So joked the President at a meeting of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. (Fox Nation) As Glenn Reynolds said, “Har-de-har-har.”

*After former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt last week suggested that President Obama declare a national monument in Utah to “help jump-start idled wilderness debates,” Rep. Chaffetz, Rep. Bishop, Senator Lee and Senator Hatch introduced the Utah Lands Sovereignty Act, which would bar such designations in Utah. (SL Trib) Former president Bill Clinton’s creation of the Grande Staircase-Escalante National Monument by presidential declaration still burns. No really, it’s still burning. The 1.9 million acres now administered by the BLM contains much of Utah’s coal reserves, and those reserves are so close to the surface that they are literally burning from lightning strikes. Maybe we should go plug in our cars down there.

*Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has turned to Republicans to try to garner support for raising the debt limit. (SL Trib) Bernanke claims that “even a short delay in making payments on the nation’s debt would cause severe disruptions in financial markets, damage the dollar and raise serious doubts about the nation’s creditworthiness.” Does he really expect Republicans to take anything he says as credible? That’s incredible.

*As predicted, the Motion to Vacate the California Prop 8 decision on the ground of Judge Walker’s same-sex relationship has been denied. (AP) The battle over Prop 8, though, is still under review while parties wait for a decision from the 9th Circuit.

*Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman will announce his official campaign for president on June 21, from the picturesque Liberty State Park in New Jersey. (Deseret News) Ronald Reagan announced his 1980 campaign at the same spot. Both Huntsman and Romney will be courting votes in Utah next Friday. (SL Trib) That’s funny, I haven’t received my invitations in the mail yet. I hope they stagger event times.


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  1. rmwarnick Says:

    The Antiquities Act has a colorful history. President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed a national monument to set aside the Grand Canyon for future generations. FDR did the same thing for the Tetons in Wyoming. Americans yet unborn will be glad they took action when they did.

    Interestingly enough, the Wyoming congressional delegation was able to amend the Antiquities Act so that Congress has to approve any new national monuments in the State of Wyoming. Maybe Utah can get the same deal, or maybe not.

    I would not be surprised if President Obama, faced with shaky re-election prospects, tries to rally the conservation community with a San Rafael National Monument. Right now, the Obama administration’s “drill baby drill” policy toward public lands has everyone wondering if there is any reason at all to vote for a Democrat.

  2. Jacob Says:

    Rep. Chaffetz, Rep. Bishop, Senator Lee and Senator Hatch introduced the Utah Lands Sovereignty Act, which would bar such designations in Utah.

    If we can’t get them to let us make our own decisions on land in our state, can we at least get the feds to pay property taxes? I am required to pay property taxes on private land that I “control,” so why shouldn’t the feds? If they are so eager to maintain open spaces, why aren’t they buying land in the east and Midwest, and turning it into monuments?

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