Meet Adolf Christie


Governor Chris Christie knows the money is gone, the state is bankrupt (even if some people refuse to admit it) and that major reforms need to happen. So, when he works on pension reform with the Democrats in the NJ legislature, this is the response…..



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5 Responses to “Meet Adolf Christie”

  1. MW Burkett Says:

    This union guy is so … when you start calling names, particularly names that are so highly charged as this, you are desperate. Let’s hope New Jersey residents see that.

  2. JBT Says:

    From Reuters news agency:

    “Christie’s budget plan calls for using about $300 million of increased contributions from state employees to help pay for an estimated $1 billion in property tax relief for homeowners.

    Businesses would get a further $200 million in tax cuts.”

    It is understandable why the people in the video are upset when Christie and the Republicans in the New Jersey Legislature are trying to balance the budget on the backs of state workers, while at the same time giving money back to homeowners and breaks to businesses.

    The image of Governor Christie being chauffeured in a limousine from where his state helicopter set down to his son’s ball field a mere 200 yards away is still fresh in people’s minds. He is certainly one “fat cat” state employee who is apparently not making any personal sacrifices to help the state’s budget woes even though he is demanding that of the rank and file public servants.

  3. hollyonthehill Says:

    JBT, just so we’re clear, the “generals” the union boss is calling out are Democrats.

  4. Daniel B. Says:

    Why are we taxing businesses at all? It all trickles down to higher prices for the consumer in the end.

    All I can say is: “Run, run, run, run…”

  5. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Not big on the Nazi name calling that is unnecessary, But JBT is right on this one the residents of NJ have been pushed around alot by Christie who is heavily enabled by the spineless democrat leadership in their state house and senate.

    It is a complete joke to say you need to balance the budget, and then pass a bunch of tax cuts. Christie wants his cake, and he wants to sell you his cake, and then Christie wants to eat both cakes! The entire situation is a logical fallacy of epic proportions.

    Either way if someone really feels the need to result to using the “Nazi” word they should at least use a comparison to Nazi policies to make their argument, So if we compare the 1933 enabling act passed by the Reichstag government in Germany to current “Tea party governors policies” then Michigan and Florida are much closer. I still feel the term is needlessly over the top and shouldn’t be used.

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