Daily Fix, June 20


*On Wednesday, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will release their 4th annual “Rich States, Poor States” and for the 4th year in a row, Utah is ranked #1. Written by Dr Art Laffer, Steve Moore and Jonathan Williams, there is a special shout-out to Utah state Senator Dan Liljenquist for his work on pension reform. The move from defined benefit to defined contribution is now the national model. Deseret News

*Continuing the rosy outlook, today Governor Gary Herbert announced 200 new jobs will be coming to Utah via IM Flash and an additional 500 via EMC Corporation. Fingers crossed that the upswing continues. Daily Herald

*Entrepreneur and tea-partier David Kirkham was profiled in the DNews. Did you know his cars start at $100K and that’s without the engine? Sen Orrin Hatch is on speed-dial. They talk several times a day as Hatch tries to hang on to his seat.

*Speaking of Senator Hatch, a recent Deseret News/KSL poll shows he’s in trouble. Big, big trouble. Dan Jones (Hatch’s pollster) found that only 38% think Hatch should be re-elected because of his seniority. A whopping 59% say it’s time for someone new. If that wasn’t bad enough, that number comes from a pool of registered voters, not just Republicans and certainly not Republican delegates. Ouch. (Unless you’re part of the 60% who is ready for new blood….)In other interesting findings, a Hatch/Matheson match-up in the general is a draw, a Chaffetz/Matheson general election has Chaffetz slightly ahead and a Hatch/Chaffetz primary has Hatch slightly ahead. Tossing a 3rd candidate in the mix could really make things interesting…. Deseret News And you gotta love the picture…..

*Saturday’s GOP convention saw chair Thomas Wright re-elected, then a new vice-chair (Lowell Nelson) and new secretary (Drew Chamberlain). Interestingly, the two new officers are also involved in a lawsuit against the state party. Can you be both plaintiff and defendant? In the other news of the convention (besides that it lasted seven freaking hours), was that the non-binding resolution asking the legislature to repeal HB 116 passed by a narrow margin. DNews , SL Trib, Fox 13, Daily Herald

*Sen Dianne Feinstein and Sen Tom Coburn agreed on one issue recently, but to no avail. Both favor ending ethanol subsidies. However, a recent Senate vote to end the subsidies went down in flames 40-59. Why? According to an editorial in the LA Times, it was “devotion to rigid party orthodoxy [which] trumps common sense even on those rare occasions when Democrats and Republicans widely agree. That’s grim news for anybody hoping for problem-solving by Congress.”



3 Responses to “Daily Fix, June 20”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks for your daily posts. They make your blog one of my favorite sites and a regular read.

  2. Rob Crawford Says:

    Regarding the convention: Bah, humbug.

  3. Matt Evans Says:

    I guess all I can say is it looks like a bunch of sore losers. From all the posts ive read on the Republican facebook page, it looks like the resolution passing has stopped HB116 from becoming a national model. It literally has legislators in other states running away from it LOL I mean, going into an election year, who wants to lose half the vote simply because you’re support a bad bill? Senate President is already talking about repealing, and/or amending the bill. The resolution passing is nothing more than a death knell for HB116. I would wager that by the end of the year (special session) or next session it is repealed. I have talked to several legislators that voted for HB116 that are supportive of the repeal since the resolution passed the Convention. Inside a year, we’ll be left with HB497 and a law that punishes businesses for hiring illegal aliens.

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