Daily Fix, June 21


*Huntsman’s in. He made his formal announcement in front of the Statue of Liberty, channeling his former boss, Ronald Reagan, who announced his presidential bid from the same spot. “We’re not just choosing new leaders,” Huntsman said. “We’re choosing whether we are to become yesterday’s story or tomorrow’s. Everything is at stake. This is the hour when we choose our future,” to which Robert Gehrke of the Trib quipped “I really would have appreciated a little more notice.” SL Trib Also, check out his website: http://www.jon2012.com

*Senator Orrin Hatch snags his good buddy Ted Kennedy’s “secret” office but tells The Hill he’s not allowed to talk about it for fear it’s one more nail in the coffin of the long-time DC insider. Trib

*Last night’s redistricting meeting in Tooele saw a proposed map that creates two rural Congressional districts, which ends up leaving two donut-hole districts – one heavily Republican, one heavily Democrat. (Which also means it has zero chance of passing.) Tonight’s redistricting meeting is at 6 pm at Centennial Middle School in Provo. Trib

*And, redistricting gets personal. Senate President Michael Waddoups carved some pretty safe seats for his friends. It would appear that Senator Dan Liljenquist is not one of them. He is the only Republican to be drawn into another incumbent’s area – Senator Luz Robles – and would have a new district that makes very little sense. Waddoups says it really isn’t personal. Trib


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4 Responses to “Daily Fix, June 21”

  1. John English Says:

    Huntsman, well, Romney needs someone on his left to make him look better.

    Hatch… overall he’s done okay, but when a pollster called me to ask about his accomplishments I liked, I drew a blank… 36 years is a long time… Looking forward to Chaffetz running, but nervous about who might replace him in Congress.

    Nothing’s personal in politics. Except everything.

  2. rmwarnick Says:

    Isn’t it kinda weird that Jon Huntsman went to Jersey City, New Jersey to announce his candidacy?

    And he’s just what we need, another multi-millionaire telling the middle class to do without Social Security and Medicare.

  3. rmwarnick Says:

    Senator Hatch’s proudest accomplishment was achieved recently– he snagged Senator Kennedy’s fabled Capitol Building office suite, complete with fireplace.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    “Hatch… overall he’s done okay, but when a pollster called me to ask about his accomplishments I liked, I drew a blank…”

    CHIP the Children’s health insurance program.

    “Looking forward to Chaffetz running”

    Jim Matheson is polling even against Chaffetz and a few points above Hatch(within margin of error mind you), a bloody republican primary and a descent campaign by the dems and you might have a somewhat different senator then you are expecting.

    Assuming he runs of course, but given the new garrymander the legislature is going after he might just go for it, or maybe run for gov in 2014.

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