Beware of 95 yo terrorists!


If you had any question about TSA being completely out-of-control, last week’s event in Florida should be the last time you ever question that. It’s bad enough that babies’ diapers are searched, that kids are patted down but this – this is unconscionable. A 95-year old woman, dying of leukemia and headed to be with her family in her final days was patted down and forced to remove her adult diaper because it was “in the way.”

Are you freaking kidding me? I’d like to know when the last time was that a 95-year old great-grandma was secretly a terrorist. Or when “dirty diapers” became a euphemism for “dirty bomb.” Or when explosives were in bottles of breast milk.

Her daughter, Jean Weber, burst into tears when she was forced to help remove her mother’s diaper. Her tears then triggered a pat-down of her own because of her “suspicious” behavior.

Meanwhile, the Israeli airport has never had a terrorist incident. They use profiling (yes, it actually works!) and bomb-sniffing dogs, saving advanced screening for those individuals who actually warrant it (unlike great-grandmas). Here in the US, though, we are so afraid of offending someone, we don’t actually employ the tools that work. Instead, we suspect everyone, the TSA never backs down and doggedly stands by their “procedures.”

This is one more example of what happens with slavish devotion to “the law.” Trading freedom for (the illusion of) security never works. Congressman Jason Chaffetz has spent a considerable amount of time pointing out the problems with TSA – and now he chairs the committee that oversees them. Sweet. This latest incident will be one more arrow in his quiver as proposes legislation to trim TSA’s wings – and none too soon. This is ridiculous.


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  1. rmwarnick Says:

    Holly, “profiling” as defined in Israel consists of having trained interviewers question each and every passenger, without regard to ethnic stereotypes. That’s different from what we call profiling.

    But you are correct, TSA’s rules are absurd and do not make air travel any safer. They do tend to condition people to give up their rights in exchange for “security theater.”

    You should also be concerned about the ongoing U.S. government warrantless surveillance programs, and the renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act.

  2. Linda Says:

    rmw, you said it succinctly. I wrote an extensive paper for a college “Law & Politics” class a few years back and entitled it, “Are We Trading Freedom for Security?” In the paper, I call it (as Holly has worded “the illusion of”) “PERCEIVED” security. Glad to see you mention the “security theater.” Google it, people … And also make sure you check the voting records of those who voted to EXTEND the PATRIOT Act!

  3. Avi Says:

    This is plain crazy mean. Rudolff hess and herman gering used these exuses…whe’re just doing our job and filling out orders…we’re little screws… I’ts a shame that retards with no morals values and brains to judge a situation are put, like jelouse stupid hounds, to screen people just like a machine does. No one ever thought of recruiting better personal? better managment?
    Just give me the opertunity to blow a wet fart on a TSA clerk.

  4. Jerome Borden Says:

    Holly, One group regularly “gets a pass”. This goes to Pavlov’s conditioned response and blends in with the “Stockholm Syndrome” in which the battered partner refuses to press charges. CAIR, using aggressive litigation, conditioned airport personnel to not mess with people who looked like they came from the Middle East. Result of this conditioning was 9-11. It’s still happening; check out the action on your next flight and see who sails and who gets the extra-special exam.

    One advantage of the scanners: They won’t disrupt a pacemaker and thus are a safe alternative to magnetic scanners. I got this info from Boston Scientific.

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