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*Wisconsin thuggery has seeped into the bench. Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has accused Justice David Prosser, yes that Justice Prosser, of strangling her in a chokehold. Seriously. Since her claim, reports have come out that she was actually the initial aggressor by running toward him with fists raised. What next? (JS Online)

*The New York Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, a law legalizing gay marriage in New York. (Reuters) Currently, five states — Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire — and the District of Columbia grant same-sex marriage licenses.


*Utah Tea Partiers and FreedomWorks staff (don’t those UT peeps wish they were being paid!) marched over to the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s DC office this morning demanding that they stay out of Republican primaries. Or, more specifically, out of Senator Hatch’s primary. (Roll Call) Here’s a picture. Darcy Van Orden was there to tell reporters she is “looking for candidates who are intellectually honest.” Hatch is currently vice chair of the NRSC. Hmm.

*A jury found former Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of corruption today on 17 of the 20 counts against him. (Chicago Tribune) I don’t think anyone is surprised. The election of Barack Obama was NOT a win for Blegojevich.

*Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann are neck-and-neck in a recent Iowa poll, with all other presidential candidates at least 12 points behind them. (Iowa Caucuses) Romney/Bachmann? Bachmann/Romney?

*Obama administration officials are spending almost $350k to fund a “survey,” i.e. they are spying on dr. offices across the nation by calling them, posing as patients, and asking how long it would be before they could get an appointment. (NY Times) The government is trying to determine whether drs. give different answers depending on whether the caller has private insurance or Medicaid. You know what’s next, right? Future headline: “Government Mandates Patients for Drs.”

*Would TSA actually defend a request by officers in a regional Florida airport that a 95-year-old woman in a wheelchair remove her soiled adult-diaper in order to continue searching her? Depends. In this instance, the answer is, incredibly, yes.

*Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is finally in Utah and scheduled for a few visits. (SL Trib)

*The Supreme Court struck down a California law that made it illegal to sell violent video games to minors. (USA Today)

*This is further evidence that the federal government is not enforcing its immigration laws. ICE regularly dismisses cases, and then does what it can to cover it up.

*And finally, are you a flake?


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  1. Dwight Says:

    The naïvety in which you call this survey spying reveals yourself. I don’t actual think you are that naïve, but really? These doctors against the survey all sound like Utah politicians against GRAMA, it’s clear they are only worried about their own corruption/poor performance coming to light. Yes, we don’t need a survey to tell that it’s hard to find a general practitioner who will see you soon, even if they already are your doctor. However this survey will give the Department of Health and Human Services some numbers so they can determine if things like provisions in PPACA actually improve things on the ground. They are trying to improve things on the ground, and the way you know you have is by measuring. The way they can prove it. Conversely you should be happy in that if these liberal policies aren’t working you’ll be able to prove it with their own numbers.

    As to ICE, they have limited funds. Are you only a social conservative or are you fiscally conservative? I thought Holly, and I assume by extension you Michelle, subscribed to tea party attitudes of fiscal conservatism. The facts are that under Obama ICE has deported and done more to enforce the immigration laws than his predecessor. Of course they’ve done it to the ire of some Republicans by going after the companies hiring them. ICE has even increased the deportation of violent criminals. Obama’s record speaks for itself. What essentially are anecdotes do not compare to data. Michelle are you only trying to prove conservatism works over at your own blog, and that mission statement ends at the door? Your posts here keep cherry picking specific anecdotes and dismissing data that is counter to your claims.

  2. Michelle Q. Mumford Says:


    Thanks for your comments. I actually didn’t come up with “spying” on my own – it was a direct quote from the article: “Dr. Stephen C. Albrecht, a family doctor in Olympia, Wash., said: ‘If federal officials are worried about access to care, they could help us. They don’t have to spy on us.'” So, I guess you are really critiquing the naivety of Dr. Albrecht.

    As for the ICE snippet, my point in including it was to show that the federal gvmt is not, and cannot, deal with the immigration system as it is now. That is why until something is done policy-wise other than the status quo on the federal level, state solutions are necessary. The egregious part of the article, though, was their attempt at a cover-up. Cover-ups never look good, do they?

    I didn’t dismiss any data, I linked to an article and summarized it. I obviously can’t address every aspect of an issue in a 2-3 sentence commentary. And since the column is a compilation of news stories, by definition I get to cherry pick.

  3. Dwight Says:

    I’ve cut enough to get a response. I only took two weeks of a journalism class (but kept the books and read them) at the U, and a semester of business law, and from those I really learned how important it can be to choose your words. So I’m a bit surprised that you have a J.D. and present things such that they are even open to the wrong interpretation. Though I guess that is politics, say something to scare the base and get them running and if anyone confronts you on it, back away.

    You used what is known as scare quotes around the word survey, and then had “i.e. they are spying on dr. offices across the nation by calling them…”, but those were not in quotes, so that would imply it was your summary and not something that was coming from the article directly.

    I think you’d be more intellectually honest to cherry pick data instead of anecdotes, especially with your own mission statement on your blog. I realize that intellectual honesty has very little place in American politics though.

  4. Michelle Q. Mumford Says:

    Ooh Dwight, this is so much fun. You likely didn’t notice that I usually respond to commenters – but if you need that achievement then power to you. If you knew anything about me you would understand why I was intentionally vague on the ICE story. But, you don’t. It sounds to me like you wish you had taken a few more “law” classes. It’s never too late!

  5. Michelle Q. Mumford Says:

    Dwight this is for you:


  6. Dwight Says:

    I think that’s a shame, but I understand the politics of it. In my line of work it’s considered irresponsible to not do actual do surveys and compute the statistics so you can empirically know whether or not things got better or worse. Sometimes the numbers can surprise you.

    You are quite perceptive, I do have my flirtations with getting a J.D. It’s not in the cards right now unfortunately, but one day it could be, and I think I would enjoy the experience.

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