Daily Fix, June 28


Yes, it’s the 29th, but hey – humor me and pretend it’s yesterday. 🙂

*After being heavily courted by Orrin Hatch for more than a year, tea party activist David Kirkham told reporters he is looking for someone new. Better to find out while you’re “dating” than be left at the altar, I guess. Maybe Kirkham will run for that seat himself…. Trib

*Both Huntsman and Romney feel they’d be competitive no matter when next year’s presidential primary is held in Utah, but there is a move afoot to hold the primary early in the year rather than June. Upside: a (tiny) bit more relevance on the national scene and you could see a head-to-head match-up with Romney and Huntsman. Downside: $3 million price tag. DNews, ABC, Trib

*Highland opted not to join the Utah League of Cities and Towns for the second year in a row. There were talks to talk $100/month from each city council member’s stipend. Instead, Councilwoman Kathryn Schramm suggests that elected officials take money from that stipend and pay for classes at the Sutherland Institute. Rumor is Highland is the only city not belonging to the ULCT. Daily Herald

*Spencer Stokes, Senator Mike Lee’s chief of staff, sold his very profitable lobbying business to friend and colleague Steve Hunter for a cool million bucks. Stokes took a major pay cut to join Lee’s DC team. Trib

*Prof. Clayton Christensen from the Harvard Business School says America’s inability to attract the best and brightest minds to its shores has him very worried about the future of America. WSJ


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