Daily Fix, June 29


*Utah Tea Party activist David Kirkham is denying a report that he said he was looking to “trade up” and “looking for someone new” to replace Senator Hatch. (KSL) Unfortunately for Kirkham, the original story includes audio. It seemed to be quite a whirlwind trip for him in D.C. First, he was firing up the FreedomWorks group at their “boot camp”, then he was off to protest the NRSC to demand that they stay out of Utah’s Senate race, then he was testifying before Congress, at Sen. Hatch’s invitation, about simplifying the tax code, albeit with very general testimony, and then he was visiting Senator Hatch’s office and taking pictures. He was also busy keeping Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit updated on all his activities. I’d be confused about what I had said too.

*Salt Lake County’s Council voted on Tuesday to table Mayor Corroon’s $110 million bond proposal to fund new parks and upgrades to golf courses. (Deseret News) You think?

*Six local Democrats have signed up for the special election to replace Rep. Jackie Biskupsi in an election next month, including 2 Republican-turned-Democrats. (SL Trib) Wolves in sheep clothing perhaps? Or would that be sheep in wolves clothing?

*Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff is still shopping around his request for a national law firm to represent Utah in a lawsuit against the BCS. I hope he’s looking for a firm who will do it on a strict contingency, or better yet, pro bono, basis. (SL Trib) In case you’re interested, here’s a copy of the bid request.

*HHS is dropping its plan to spy on doctors. (ABC News) Good thinking.

*Another curious Huntsman video.

*Here’s Jim Geraghty’s review of today’s press conference with the President.

*And finally, Adam Brown from Utah Data Points has found that Utah legislators have a high absentee rate — 7% in the House and 14% in the Senate. (Utah Data Points) He’ll be providing more details about which votes are more often skipped, and which legislators skip them, in the coming days. Duh duh duh.


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  1. Daniel B. Says:

    Didn’t Mark Towner even run for County Party Chair at one point?

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