Daily Fix, July 6


*Utah Data Points has a new poll out that finds that Utah Independent voters are growing tired of the Tea Party. (Utah Data Points) The Trib reports on it here. UDP’s lesson to learn from this new data? Watch out for Matheson.

*And speaking of the Tea Party, it has a new darling: Mike Lee. (Politico) “He’s emerged as the second-most-important conservative go-to guy in the Senate.” I wish I remembered WHO said a freshman Senator wouldn’t have any influence. So I could call them and tell them they’re wrong.

*The AFL-CIO participated in today’s “townhall” via twitter with President Obama. Their question? Where are the jobs?

*Mitt Romney has raised over $18 million in the past three months. His closest competitor, Tim Pawlenty, has raised $4.2 million. (Daily Caller) That’s a big difference.

*Health reform worth mentioning: “Dr. Forrest runs a cash-only practice sees 16 patients a day at a maximum, works a 40 hour week and takes home more than the average family physician a year with a highly satisfied patient base that pays less than those in fee-for-service, insurance models.” (FIRM)

*And finally, the NYC Mormon ad campaign is working! It has already spread to Knoxville, TN. Thanks Instapundit!

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) over the long weekend:

*Utah Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart called out Utah’s federal delegation for dragging their feet on immigration. (Daily Herald) “Our federal delegation has watched the Legislature do the heavy lifting to get immigration reform off the ground, while their political will atrophies in the airless echo chamber of Washington, D.C. We bleed in the trenches while they wallow in the temporary glory of meaningless blood-boiling rhetoric.” Yeah!

*Rep. Jason Chaffetz has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. (The Hill) So has Senator Hatch. And, apparently, most other elected officials in Utah. (SL Trib) They may be hoping for similar favors from Romney in the future. Then again, it didn’t seem to help Bob Bennett.

*You’ll all be happy to know that the TSA is now unionized, thanks to the Obama Administration. (WSJ)

*Thaddeus McCotter (R – MI) announced his bid for President. (Detroit Free Press) Who?

*The Mountain Meadows Massacre site was elevated to a National Historic Landmark last week. (St. George Fox 13) If you have never visited, you really should. You should read this book too.


3 Responses to “Daily Fix, July 6”

  1. Sue Connor Says:

    “We bleed in the trenches while they wallow in the temporary glory of meaningless blood-boiling rhetoric.” Rep. Lockhart

    Isn’t this an excellent example of meaningless blood boiling rhetoric from our House leader, who is also very good at deadly glares at citizens in public meetings!

    Kettle meet pot.

  2. Jerome Borden Says:

    WHO said a Freshman Senator wouldn’t have any influence? I can think of two: Senators Bennett and Hatch. Surprise, surprise.
    Tired of the TEA partiers? Not the people I know. This is the lull before the storm; they’ll be back this fall when it is closer to influence time.
    All those people endorsing Romney may find themselves having to defend some strange positions. Mitt may be the second GOP Gun-Grabber behind Governator Arnold Swartzenegger. Both Mitt and Johnny, Jr. have swallowed some of that Green Koolaid. Mitt is still defending Romney-care which is something less than a Massachusetts miracle cure.
    Do you have new neighbors from California? Go into Missionary Mode before they influence the locals. For an example of what can go wrong, take a look at Colorado, don’t let it happen here.

  3. John English Says:

    I did just finish Massacre at Mountain Meadows. It was really good. I feel like I finally know what happened.

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