Not-quite-daily-fix, July 5


Spent the weekend camping in the canyons sans phone or Internet. Amazing. Came back to a bunch of political news I’m sure you’re dying to catch up on, so here ya go.

*Chaffetz, Hatch and Bishop endorse Mitt Romney for prez, along with Lt Gov Bell, AG Shurtleff, 16 (of 29) state Senators and 41 (out of 75) state Reps. D News

*Economic, demographic and social changes in Mexico are suppressing illegal immigration as much as the poor economy or legal crackdowns in the United States. Douglas S. Massey, co-director of the Mexican Migration Project at Princeton, an extensive, long-term survey in Mexican emigration hubs, said his research showed that interest in heading to the United States for the first time had fallen to its lowest level since at least the 1950s. “No one wants to hear it, but the flow has already stopped,” Mr. Massey said, referring to illegal traffic. “For the first time in 60 years, the net traffic has gone to zero and is probably a little bit negative.” New York Times

*Since I started my political involvement as a midwife looking for legalization in Utah, I love articles like this one from the AP – homebirths rise by 20%….(and it’s even more in Utah). Complication rates are low, outcomes are good – and it’s a great choice for many women.

*Utah has officially requested that the federal government grant us waivers to deal with Medicaid in our state in the way that best meets the needs of our state. Novel concept, I know. Senator Dan Liljenquist (R-Bountiful) shepherded the legislative changes through the 2011 session and is now working with the feds to get permission to handle things ourselves. Does that strike anyone else as just a little funky, having to beg the feds for permission to use our money to serve the residents of our state? Oh wait….Denver Post, D News

*Casey Anthony was found not guilty in the murder of her daughter, Casey. Brings to mind the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “It is better [one hundred] guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer.” But it still suck for Cayley. CNN


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  1. Sue Connor Says:

    Re Medicaid money from the federal government: Whose money is it anyway? Well, you’re right, it’s ours, the taxpayers and not all of us agree with the idea of a federal block grant that allows the state to administer the funds as they see fit. Obviously Democrats and Republicans have radically different views about compassionate care for the young, the disabled, and the very poor in our state. Republicans call these “entitlements” and think people should just work harder to get jobs (waddoups and other)! Why would we want to trust the Republican state legislators to do a better job with these funds in the future given how poorly Medicaid funds have been administered in the past few years including the crazy cutbacks (Valley Mental Health layoffs, 30 beds at State Hospital) and now a for profit insurance company as the middle man!
    Sue Connor, Ph.D.
    Spoken as a licensed psychologist in this community for over ten years.

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