Daily Fix, July 7


*Looking for a fun date-night activity? Check out the Salt Lake County parade of homes. The house from “Up” is in it, full-size and darling. SL Trib

*State Senator Dan Liljenquist pens an Independence Day piece on public virtue – the idea that one is willing to “voluntarily sacrifice personal benefit for the good of society.” We need more of that.

*Ogden school district puts their kids first, stops negotiating with a recalcitrant union and is having teachers sign a contract directly with the district. Over the next six years, they will also be moving away from a tenure-based pay system and towards a merit-based pay system. Ogden board member Brad Smith said ““[Performance pay] puts the focus where I believe it should be, on outcomes for students, rather than outcomes for teachers,” said Smith, noting that the district struggles with high poverty rates and achievement. “I love our teachers. I respect our teachers, but I love our students and want to help our students more.” Kudos to Ogden. Trib

*After Speaker Rebecca Lockhart sent a scathing letter to the Daily Herald taking our federal delegation to task for their dereliction of duty in acting on immigration, they responded. Senator Mike Lee said he understood the frustration and even shares it. In fact, he told Utah reporters he is open to discussions that would grant Utah a federal waiver to implement the guest worker provision. Congressman Rob Bishop also expressed sympathy and pointed to his work on getting the border closed, Hatch agreed that immigration is a problem but didn’t directly address Lockhart’s concerns, Matheson was unavailable and Chaffetz called her view disappointing, factually inaccurate and ill-informed. Trib

*Senator Jim DeMint tells NRO that Utah’s Jr Senator actually has two votes in the US Senate – his and Senator Hatch’s. “Every time he votes one way, Orrin’s going to vote the same way.” So much for the notion that freshman can’t make a difference. NRO

*A massive dust storm hit Phoenix on Tuesday night. Radar data showed the towering wall of dust reached as high as ten THOUSAND feet. That’s nearly two miles high…. SL Trib

*And if none of that floats your boat, how ’bout a little civil disobedience? Just grow some food. A woman in Oak Park, Michigan is being charged with a misdemeanor for growing a garden (instead of grass) in front of her house. Un-freaking-believable. MyFoxDetroit


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One Response to “Daily Fix, July 7”

  1. Sue Connor Says:

    State Senator Dan Liljenquist defines public virtue – the idea that one is willing to “voluntarily sacrifice personal benefit for the good of society.” Holly:”We need more of that”.

    Once again we agree. We do need more voluntary sacrifice of personal benefit!

    Tell that to your republican colleagues who represent Utah on the state and the national level. We need everyone to contribute to the sacrifices – not just the poor and middle class as Hatch states. We need the rich to contribute. How arrogant they look to the rest of us to be putting a gun to the head of our nation because THEY are unwilling to join in the national sacrifice!

    Or is it they are too frightened to lose their jobs by annoying their campaign donors who are also not willing to be part of this joint public sacrifice idea!

    Either way, the republican value of fiscal responsibility appears to be a joke on all of us as they pad their own bank accounts while expecting national sacrifice.

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