Daily Fix, July 8


*Well, the big news today is the UNEXPECTED low jobs numbers. Really, really unexpected. See post below for details. One fact to remember: “300K jobs/month = recovery. 150K jobs/month = fake recovery. 18K jobs/month = #PANIC” (Nathan Wurtzel)

*And speaking of the debt limit, “Let’s stop talking about new taxes and start talking about new taxpayers, which means jobs.” Marco Rubio. See more of his passionate address here.

*Senator Mike Lee sets the record straight regarding Secretary Geithner’s claim that the Constitution gives him the right to raise the debt limit. “Geithner can’t extend the debt of the United States without an act of Congress.” It’s nice to have an actual constitutional scholar involved in these constitutional questions, isn’t it?

*And speaking of Senator Lee, the twitterverse was all abuzz that Lee is endorsing Mitt Romney. But, it is, currently, not true. What Senator Lee did say is that Jon Huntsman is an “unknown quantity.” (Politico) Not sure how they mistook that quote for an endorsement of Romney.

*And finally, First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to visit Park City on July 26. (Deseret News) A breakfast reception will be held at the home of Mark Gilbert, a major Democratic Party fundraiser. I have not yet received my invite, but I’ll pass it on as soon as I do!


3 Responses to “Daily Fix, July 8”

  1. rmwarnick Says:

    The 2010 election was about “jobs-jobs-jobs,” said the Republicans. And six months after they took control of the House of Representatives, how many jobs bills have the GOP offered? Anyone? Boehner?

  2. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    It is in fact a negative number as the republicans have filibustered non controversial reauthorisation acts for the small business administration, and economic development agencies, you know bills that normally pass on a voice vote with 100% support of both parties.

    But then again helping small businesses be successful and create jobs might be socialism.

  3. Mike Lee likes California so much « All Tied Up and Nowhere to Go Says:

    […] Daily Fix, July 8 (hollyonthehill.wordpress.com) […]

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