Daily Fix, July 12


*Columnist Jim Pethokoukis has a clear chart showing why the GOP is a no-go on tax increases tied to spending cuts. (Hint: been there, done that, got “snookered”) Reuters

*In news-tha’s-not-really-news, Rep Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) created a campaign committee as a candidate for the not-yet-created 4th Congressional district. An official announcement is expected in the early fall. Actually, a lot of official announcements are expected in the early fall…. SL Trib

*The GOP tried to slam through a bill that would end light bulb “efficiency” standards but could not reach the 2/3 benchmark needed to expedite the bill. All Blue Dogs voted against the bill and Congressman Bishop voted “present” because the proposed legislation contained language that tramples states rights. Politico

*What happens when you are in debt? The people who hold the debt feel like they can call the shots, right? Well this week China criticized the US for spending too much on the military in a time of financial crisis. “I know the U.S. is still recovering from the financial crisis,” Chen,chief of the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army said. “Under such circumstances, it is still spending a lot of money on its military and isn’t that placing too much pressure on the taxpayers?” Oh and guess who is #2 in the world in military spending. That’s right – China. WaPo

*TSA does intimate diaper checks for babies and adults, puts iPads down their pants but can’t catch the guy with the stun gun. Does anyone really think we are safer thanks to groping agents and naked scanners? Check out fellow blogger Dan Burton’s recent post. (He’s a lawyer but I don’t hold it against him.) Life After the Bar


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  1. rmwarnick Says:

    I just assumed that Wall Street told the GOP leadership to stop obstructing the debt limit before financial markets started taking their threats seriously.

    Rep. Jim Matheson (D?-UT) voted for the Tea-GOP’s light bulb bill, which fortunately had no chance of becoming law. It was an anti-consumer measure that would have cost us an extra $12 billion a year in utility bills.

  2. rmwarnick Says:

    More about light bulbs:

    Everybody who’s ever taken a science class knows that most ordinary incandescent light bulbs use 1879 technology, and 90 percent of the energy they consume dissipates as heat. In 2007, Congress made a bipartisan effort to improve light bulb efficiency. The Energy Independence and Security Act was signed into law by President Bush.

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