Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently surveyed Utah voters on potential Senate match-ups in a general election. They found that Matheson could be a serious contender in a race with either Hatch or Chaffetz. The polling – by one of the most accurate companies out there – found that in a head-to-head competition, Senator Hatch and Congressman Matheson would start out virtually deadlocked, 44-45. A race between Chaffetz and Matheson shows a 5 point advantage for Matheson – 42-47.

The polling also shows approval ratings of under 50% for both Republicans – 46% for Hatch, 43% for Chaffetz – but a whopping 59% for Matheson. Matheson gets almost all of the Dem vote, a heavy majority of the independent/unaffiliated vote and STILL manages to capture 23% of the Republican vote against Chaffetz and 20% against Hatch.

To quote PPP, “If Matheson runs it will certainly be the most national attention a political race in Utah has drawn in many, many years.” It also highlights room in the Senate race for another GOP contender, someone like Senator Dan Liljenquist. Senator Liljenquist reformed Utah’s pension and Medicaid programs and has saved the state billions in just 2 years. He could make this race even more interesting than it already is.


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3 Responses to “Senator…Matheson?”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    PPP: Is that Carville’s company? Also, I wonder what the results would be if they controlled for Congressional District.

  2. Patrick Keith Hart Says:

    I’m also interested in the results, not for Congress, but for a campaign for the Governorship by Matheson.

  3. Jerome Borden Says:

    Matheson has some claim to “Blue Dog” status and a Utah family name that goes back to the pioneer days. Also, he has a fair to middling score with the Second Amendment groups. He does, however, have a record that shows he is a Big Union toady, voting for such things as Card Check organizing and generally voting to undercut Utah’s Right to Work law. A records check would reveal more items that confirm that he is, after all, a Democrat. Therefore, I would have to wonder if he would maintain his standing between nomination and election.

    Like to know more about Senator Liljenquist. Does he have “roots” that can bring him support? Remember, it’s only eight months to the Precinct Caucus meetings. I checked the links and came away impressed.

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