Daily Fix, July 22


*Senator Hatch told Fox Business Network today that he believes the debt ceiling will be raised, at least on a “temporary basis,” because the Gang of 6 plan is only in outline form, and those involved need more time to hash out the specifics. (The Hill) Hatch supports the Gang of 6 “temporary” raise. Charles Krauthammer had a piece yesterday, in which he supported the “Half-Trillion Plan,” which raises the debt ceiling by half-trillion in return for half-trillion in cuts. Krauthammer argues that the Half-Trillion plan would provide until year-end to negotiate a bigger deal as well as forcing Obama’s hand on his promise to veto a short-term fix.

*Senator Hatch had some explaining to do, however, after his comments on FBN. Despite his not saying anything about tying such a temporary debt ceiling rise to a Balanced Budget Amendment, or the Cut, Cap and Balance Act (which Senator Reid conveniently tabled, i.e. killed, in the Senate today) during his television appearance, after quick questioning from reporters, Hatch clarified in a speech on the Senate floor, that “the only way [he] would ever vote to raise the debt ceiling is if [Cut, Cap and Balance is] enacted. The only way.” (Deseret News) Hatch has yet to promise a filibuster, though, as Senator Lee has. So, if he’s “all for” a temporary raise in the debt ceiling, I’d bet my Jimmy Choo shoes that he votes for, or even misses the vote, for any temporary raise not tied to a BBA. (Don’t hate me – the Jimmy Choos were a gift.)

*Meanwhile, KSL opines that Rep. Chaffetz’s hard stance on not raising the debt ceiling without some promise to balance the budget may be a political liability in his upcoming (let’s just say it – he’s running) run for Senate. (KSL) So if Chaffetz’s stance is a political liability, Hatch’s stance “for” a temporary raise may be an asset? I’m pretty sure the media will still call lemons, and both candidates will try to make lemonade. Regardless, the Washington Post wrote today that Chaffetz, as well as a few other Freshman, “just have no idea what they’re doing.” (Washington Post) As an example, he cites Chaffetz stating that the Senate tabling the Cut, Cap and Balance bill was a “great sign.” Tabling a bill is the normal way of killing a bill, and Chaffetz should know that by now. In fact, the Washington Post cited anyone not knowing that the bill was DOA in the Senate as “either too detached from reality or too stupid or too incompetent.” Ouch. The author wonders, “[H]ow do you negotiate with people who just have no idea what they’re talking about?” Bring me a bandaid.

*Rumors why the Cut, Cap and Balance bill was DOA in the Senate include the claim that tax increases had been taken off the table to be negotiated at a later time. (Daily Caller) Dems were “incensed,” and wanted to show it. Meahwhile, Speaker Boehner said the negotiations are “driving him up a wall.” He should come relax in Utah this weekend and enjoy the Pioneer Day events. Or, perhaps, a Pie-n-Beer party might be more up his alley.

*The Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling has released more Utah-specific polling data and it appears that while Utahns are solidly against same sex marriage (even our Independents oppose it!), they are 60% in favor of some form of recognition (marriage or civil unions). (PPP) Also, 75% of Utahns think polygamy should be illegal. Take that Brown family. Wait, is illegal the same as criminal?

*And speaking of Utah Independents, they are not happy with Senator Lee or Rep. Bishop. (PPP) Notably, former Senator Bob Bennett is on good terms with Independents and Democrats. Figures.

*And, again, speaking of negative polling numbers, the anti-illegal immigration petition drive started this week in Salt Lake County in hopes of getting a referendum on the county ballot next year that would penalize county business owners for hiring illegal immigrants. (Deseret News) The bill also hopes to stop HB116, but I’m not sure how a county referendum can repeal a state-wide bill. Petitioners need to collect 37,000 signatures, and they’re hoping to start at this weekend’s holiday parades and festivities. That’s right – the group is collecting signatures to prohibit immigrants from working during festivities that celebrate a group of people that left the U.S. in search of a better homeland to provide for their families in peace and with liberty, who broke numerous laws while doing so.

Happy Pioneer Day!


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