Daily Fix, July 25


Let’s cover the political news outside the debt limit debate, since that surely deserves its own post.

*Rep Wu (D-OR) is in trouble once again, this time for an unwanted sexual encounter with a teenaged daughter of an old high school friend. He says it was consensual, she says it was not. He says he’s not resigning, thank you very much – but he probably won’t run again. Nancy Pelosi is still working on draining the swamp by referring him to the oh-so-effective ethics committee that will act swiftly and decisively….oh wait… Politico BREAKING: Wu has decided he will resign from the House after all. CNN

*Yet another Democrat is retiring rather than run in an increasing Republican arena. This time, it’s Mike Ross from Arkansas. Once a stronghold for Democrats – including a governor who became president – the GOP is now well-positioned to sweep all 4 Congressional seats. The last time that happened was the end of the Civil War….. Oh, and he’s another “Blue Dog” that won’t be coming back. Could we add Jim Matheson to the mix? Politico, Trib

*Since launching her bid for POTUS, Michele Bachmann has missed over 1/3 of the votes in the House, significantly higher than the other two House members running for Prez. When reporters asked if she would be returning a portion of her Congressional salary, she had no comment. It does point out the difficulty of running for higher office when one already holds office…hard to campaign full-time and still be a full-time lawmaker. The Hill

*Closer to home, Rep Steve Sandstrom has hired Alan Crooks to run his Congressional campaign. He’ll be running for the 3rd Congressional district (assuming Jason Chaffetz runs for Senate). He will be in a crowded field. Very crowded. Trib

*Sen Orrin Hatch could wield new-found amounts of power if he is re-elected, says Kelly Patterson, director of the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at BYU. I wonder, though, that if it takes 36 yrs to begin to wield influence, is it more a reflection on the person than the system? I’m pretty sure we’ve seen some remarkable freshman on both a state and federal level. D News

*Speaking of Hatch, he was against, then for, then against raising the debt ceiling. On Friday, Hatch said on Fox Business Network that he suspected there would be a short-term debt limit increase. “And I’m certainly for that,” he said. Later that afternoon, he went on the Senate floor and said he would not vote for any debt limit increase without passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment. Trib He has also praised Mitch McConnell’s plan to give the President carte blanche authority to raise the debt ceiling, calling it ingenious. KCPW, Politico. Congressman Jason Chaffetz called it ridiculously stupid. RightScoop



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