Daily Fix, Aug 1


Oh, do we have a lot of political news to cover. The debt ceiling deal has been all over the news this weekend, so let’s start there.

*Speaker Boehner finally cobbled together enough votes to pass a bill through the House, then sent it to the Senate where it promptly died. Leader Reid passed a bill in the Senate and sent it to the House where it also promptly died. Then, they and other members of the leadership teams got together behind closed doors and came up with a new plan, presumably the one they expected to pass all along. In the end, Rep Jim Matheson was the only member of the Utah delegation to vote for the debt deal (after he voted FOR cut, cap and balance and AGAINST the Boehner plan). Follow all that? SL Trib, The Hill, Politico

*Stealing the show today, Rep Gabrielle Giffords returned to the House floor to cast her vote on the debt deal. She was greeted by a standing ovation. Welcome back, Gabby! Politico

*Meanwhile, back to the bill. The 74-page bill passed the House 269-161. Democrats were evenly split, with 95 voting for and 95 against. Republicans saw 174 members voting yes and 66 voting no, including Reps Bishop and Chaffetz. Once the bill hits the Senate, Senator Mike Lee is expected to vote no, as is Senators Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio. Watch Rubio’s speech on the floor of the Senate a couple of days ago. Best line? “If there are things in that tax code that do not belong there because they are the process of good lobbying instead of good policy, then lets go after those things.” (Or in any other area of code.) YouTube

*On Friday, President Obama did the biggest GOP “Follow Friday” ever by listing each GOP Rep and Senator that is on Twitter. He lost 41,000 followers while the GOPers gained new ones. Heard on the Hill Stories about the Twitter swarm were carried across the blogosphere and one of them snagged a tweet from yours truly. Cool. Storyful

*VP Biden repeated a line from Rep Mike Doyle (D-PA) and called tea party Republicans “terrorists”. He later back-tracked. Politico Salon.com blasts Obama for “surrendering”, while Rocky Anderson says he is the worst negotiator to ever reside in the White House. The best line, however, was from Rep Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) who said the new deal was a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich.” The Hill

*On the GOP side, opposition came from the staunchest tea party supporters. Senator Graham said “I cannot in good conscience support this deal. Simply stated, it locks us into more debt, bigger government and most devastating of all, a weakened defense infrastructure at a time when we face growing threats.” Senator Mike Lee told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he would filibuster the Senate vote and Congressman Chaffetz voted against the Boehner plan and the compromise bill, saying in part, “I voted no…on the latest plan, which cuts too little in FY 2012 and relies too heavily on promises of future cuts. I want a solution, not a deal. The formation of yet another commission to examine the debt crisis is an abdication by Congress of the responsibility to make tough decisions that address long-term problems.”

*The House has now completed its business and now stands adjourned until Sept 7th. Let the vacationing begin (or campaigning, as the case may be).

*Outside the debt battles, the FBI has a credible lead in the DB Cooper case (KSL) and oh, the GDP fell again and remains in the toilet. Hot Air


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2 Responses to “Daily Fix, Aug 1”

  1. Sue Connor Says:

    Oh so proud to be a Utah Republican leader today. Self righteously pleased to be able to vote “no” to anything/evereything to please the extreme right, to ensure your job security, to make news! but what about those constituents you represent in your home state? Some of them are democrats, but more importantly an overwhelming majority of registered voters in UT (1million) are independent/unaffiliated. Are you representing them!! NOT!

    It’s an embarrassment to see Lee and Chaffez unable to participate like adults in the compromise ( that no one likes) in order to move past this disaster in Washington and get to the next important issue on the agenda. They prefer to behave like the freshman they are and stand in the minority proud, arrogant, and self righteous. They just look stupid! We need grownups in DC.

  2. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    ““If there are things in that tax code that do not belong there because they are the process of good lobbying instead of good policy, then lets go after those things.””

    Interesting to hear that from any republican, even more interesting to hear such a statement repeated by any republican in a good light….

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