Daily Fix, Aug 2


*Last week, Representative Julie Fisher resigned to become the state director of the Department of Community and Culture. There will be a special election to fill the vacancy on August 25th. To date, there are 6 people in the race but the deadline to file is August 18th. Currently running are Carl Downing, Peter Cannon, Stewart Barlow, Don Milligan, Benton Bramwell and Neil Harris. D News

*President Obama nominated David Barlow, a Republican, to be the US attorney for Utah. He has been serving as Senator Mike Lee’s general counsel since January. Fox 13 Barlow’s appointment was met with howls from the Dems in Utah, wanting to know what back room deals were made. None, say the powers that be. Trib

*Mayor Mia Love just returned from a trip to Washington DC, where she met with a variety of people and organizations, including the NRCC, where she was very well received. She will not make a final determination until after redistricting is done. Trib

*Orrin Hatch snagged an endorsement from Sean Hannity today. Hannity said praised Hatch for fighting for Balanced Budgets and for his work in appointing conservatives to the Supreme Court. Washington Examiner

*Hatch is also taking heat for censuring unfavorable comments on his Facebook page. According to the SL Trib, Jen Howe joined that conversation to ask what he would “cut, cap and/or balance” in the federal budget. “Hatch responded that he would reveal specifics after the proposed balanced budget amendment passed. So Howe asked how he could ask his fellow co-workers to vote on something they didn’t know the specifics of, and told him she felt his constituents also needed access to this information. “For this, he defriended and removed me from his page, along with many others,” Howe says.” Hatch’s spokesman says they only remove “inappropriate, obscene or other offensive remarks on his page.” Trib

*Senator Mike Lee unveiled his new PAC – the Constitutional Conservatives Fund. His goal will be to “find and support candidates for federal office who share my view that federal government has become too big and too expensive.” He is open to supporting challengers to sitting Senators. The Hill

*Moody’s did NOT downgrade the US’ credit rating but did give it a negative outlook. I guess the world didn’t end after all. The Hill

*Central Falls, Rhode Island is broke. 18,000 people live there and are facing $80 million in unfunded liabilities to pay for the pensions of 141 people. Senator Dan Liljenquist blogs that “reality is not negotiable.”

*A Pleasant Grove man had a bad night when he crawled in bed with the wrong woman. In the wrong house. And started to get romantic. You gotta feel for him… Trib

*And finally, The Mayor of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, has had enough. He’s sick of people parking where ever they feel like it and he decided to prove his point. Check it out.


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  1. Jerome Borden Says:

    I think Hannity needs to do better background checking before praising Orrin Hatch in the Judicial Appointment arena. “filibuster” makes him uncomfortable and he voted “Present” at the last cloture vote for a judicial nomination to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The nominee was Gordon Liu, a UC Berkeley law professor who claims that it is desirable to use the courts to change law. Late note: Gov. Jerry Brown nominated him to the California Supreme Court.

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