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*Biggest news of the day – the Wisconsin recall elections trying to flip the Senate back to Dem control were not successful. Four of the 6 challenged Senators retained their seats and Republicans retain control of the Senate. Unions spent eye-popping amounts of money on the elections, but were unsuccessful. Wisconsin voters know they have to get spending under control and today’s elections show they understand “reality is not negotiable.” NYTimes, The Guardian, MSNBC, Politico and just to show I read “the other side” too, HuffPo

*Back in DC, yet another article on the low lows Congress has sunk to – at least as far as approval ratings go. “Among registered voters, the numbers were even worse. Just 21 percent said Member of Congress deserved re-election while 70 — yes, 70 — percent said they didn’t. Those numbers suggest that 2012 — at least as of today — may be the rarest of elections: a pox on both parties.” Could we have two “wave” election cycles in a row? WaPo’s “The Fix

*Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love announced the formation of a Congressional exploratory committee. She has not yet declared which seat she is running for, as redistricting is not yet completed. Daily Herald

*Obama’s campaign plan is to “kill” Mitt Romney. “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney,” said an important Democratic political strategist.” At least they acknowledge the list of accomplishments to run on is mighty thin….They also plan to call him “weird”, largely because of his LDS (Mormon) beliefs. Des News

*Utah Policy’s Jordan Garn pens a tongue-in-cheek piece about Las Vegas oddmakers making their predictions that Jason Chaffetz gets in the US Senate race. He writes: “Handicappers have tapped “highly likely” as the frontrunner for the next pronouncement, laying 2-1 odds. Other possibilities include: “strongly leaning,” 3-1 odds; “happy where I’m at,” 7-2; “definitely equivocating,” 5-1 odds; “acutely interested,” 7-1; and “partly cloudy with a chance for rain,” 13-1 odds.” Seems inevitable, doesn’t it? Utah Policy

*Utah ranks #1 in volunteer hours and got a nice write up in USA Today. That’s awesome. However, I think we can do better. What do you think?


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  1. markg91359 Says:

    Its typical of the GOP to try and claim victory even in situations that narrowly avert disaster. That’s what happened in Wisconsin. A switch of three seats would have given the democrats control of the state senate. The democrats picked up two seats and ran a close race for a third before losing.

    I agree we won’t know the full story until the elections next week when two democrat seats are up for recall.

    However, if as expected the democrats retain these two seats there is a 17-16 Republican majority in the senate. Intelligent people would recognize this is no “mandate” for anything at all. However, after some of the sheer craziness we’ve seen this last year from Tea Potty Republicans, I could believe about anything. Some of these folks really do believe that if they have a majority of 1 than that means the public endorses 100% of their agenda.

    A wise leader in this situation would attempt to govern by consensus rather than using a one vote margin to cram objectionable legislation down everyone’s throat. Wisconsin’s Scott Walker though has proven that the last thing he is a “consensus builder”. Walker’s turn will come though. He is subject to his own recall election in 2012. Unlike the legislators who got to run in districts that were more republican than democrat, Walker will have to run in every county in Wisconsin. I predict he’ll be a two year flash in the pan.

  2. Sue Connor Says:

    Re the Wisconsin recall elections: You deem them “unsuccessful”, but that depends on your definition of success/failure. In this case, the overwhelming citizen response to Walker’s unprecedented union busting efforts created an uproar in Wisconsin the likes of which our nation has not seen in years. Advocates of workers’ rights spoke loudly enough to be heard nationally and organized efficiently enough to “successfully” support candidates in multiple recall elections, TWO of which they won!
    In my book, this is successful progress, even without reaching an ultimate goal. Let’s see were what happens next fall.

    If only Utah voters could be shaken out of their apathy born of decades of a super majority party that barely pretends to listen (or represent) democratic or unaffiliated registered voters. Example: Waddoups recent comment disparaging the public input received at RD Committee field meetings.

    “Repetitive, broken record”

    Apologies are due to the local citizens who gave their time and opinions in response to the RD Committee’s INVITATION for feedback! Way to respect your constituents Waddoups. Still wondering when colleagues in the Utah House or Senate will censure their leader! What ill it take?!

  3. rmwarnick Says:

    The right spent $40 million in Wisconsin, and used every trick they know– voter suppression, last-minute negative ads, and election fraud. And the Dems won two staunchly Republican districts.

    Gov. Scott Walker is going to be thrown out of office in January. His policies of tax cuts for the rich and budget cuts for the middle class have led to increased unemployment and corruption.

  4. rmwarnick Says:

    ThinkProgress notes that this is only the first round of recalls. Wisconsin law exempts politicians from a recall election during their first year in office.

    “For this reason, all of the Republican state senators who were eligible for recall in yesterday’s elections were Republicans who held on in 2008 despite the fact that they had to stand for election during a Democratic wave. Likewise, all of the Republicans who were elected in 2010 only because they were fortunate enough to run during a Republican wave were immune from recall. Come 2012, however, all of this changes.”

  5. Patriot Twitter Says:

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