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*Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love continues to make waves as she announces the formation of a Congressional Exploratory Committee. Jennifer Scott, former campaign manager for Jason Chaffetz, is advising Mayor Love. I expect her to be a formidable candidate. Daily Herald, Fox 13, DNews

*Senator Hatch said a few months ago that “governments have promised too much money in lifetime pensions” saying “…these governments are living in the past, playing irresponsibly with taxpayer money, and leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for too many lifetime pension promises.” According to NTU (the National Taxpayer’s Union) his pension currently stands at $125K per year, not including health care bennies – or Social Security payments. If he wins re-election and Republicans control the Senate next year, Hatch is in line to become the chair of the Senate Finance committee. chairman. The Senate Finance Committee oversees public employee pension plans. ABC4 The Utah Democratic chair questions why Hatch’s pension is more than 6 figures. ABC4

*Last night, Congressman Chaffetz held a townhall in American Fork. A lot of the meeting was focused on his potential rival, Senator Orrin Hatch. From the Trib: “They blew it,” he said of leaders during the Republican-dominated years between 2000 and 2006. Chaffetz then lowered the boom on Hatch. “You don’t have to have 36 years of seniority to get things done in Washington,” Chaffetz said. “Seniority doesn’t matter if you don’t vote right.” He held a similar meeting tonight in Ogden, with a similar response.

*The Pentagon respected the wishes of the families of the soldiers who died in the recent helicopter crash and would not allow the media to photograph the remains as they arrived at Dover AFB. Never fear – a White House photographer took pics anyway. AP

*And finally, if you did not watch the GOP debate tonight, you missed out on some good political theater. WaPo


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  1. Jerome Borden Says:

    I listened to most of the Republican debate. It was hot and the media found out how rank those critters can be. Newt turned his question right around and chomped the media. The crowd loved it. I’ll be looking for the replay; it will be worth it.

    It’s not too late for Senator Hatch to turn things around. The catch is that he will have to get comfortable with the filibuster and last time around, he voted “Present”. Seems to me another Senator was known for that vote…Reason why is that there is some stuff coming up such as a replay of the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) which can really put the USA at a disadvantage, if enacted and enforced. There will, of course, be more nominations and moves on the part of the Administration to make their “pets” career employees. This trick dates back to the 1930s and allows the previous administrations to maintain their policy, hampering following administrations.

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