Rick Perry’s campaign ad


Right out of the gate, Governor Perry channels a couple of Ronald Reagan ads.  I think he’ll be a strong candidate.  What do you think?


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5 Responses to “Rick Perry’s campaign ad”

  1. Stephen Palmer Says:

    This is a painfully awful ad. Just like his formal announcement speech, it is a vivid demonstration of how NOT to win the 2012 presidential election.

    Is messages are precisely why Perry — and the entire GOP — will lose, unless one of them figures out how to actually lead.

    The only reason Perry will be a strong candidate is because the Republican party offers very little legitimate leadership, change, innovation, or progress. He’s a well-known party man, the governor of Texas, and well-liked among his conservative base.

    But he will fail to garner independent support because of all the egregious errors in his message strategy (which, by the way, virtually every other GOP candidate is making as well).

    Let’s count the ways why this is an atrocious waste of 2 minutes and 15 seconds:

    1. The first 41 seconds are drenched with negative, painful imagery — none of which the American people need to be reminded of.

    Psychologically, all he’s doing is associating himself with the pain felt by the people.

    2. He’s playing a cheap, unfair, and disingenuous blame game.

    Independents know how ridiculous it is to blame Obama for the economy.

    And the outrageous claim in this ad, “The President’s refusal to control spending,” is utterly false, shamefully misleading, and demonstrates either a complete disregard for or ignorance of the Constitution.

    Article 1 of the Constitution makes it very clear who controls spending, and for Perry to blame this on the Executive — especially given the fact that we have a Republican majority in Congress — is unconscionable.

    3. After the first 41 seconds of blame and oppressing negativity, the remaining time is nothing but arrogant, self-centered chest-thumping.

    This is ad writing 101: Focus on the customer. Speak to their heart, in their language, about things they care about.

    This is like going on a date and spending the entire night talking about yourself.

    The features of personal accomplishments must be translated into benefits for voters, and this ad completely fails to do that.

    This ad is yet another sad demonstration that the GOP offers no real leadership. (To be clear, as an independent, I am not saying the Democrats offer leadership either.)

    The candidate who wins this election will do the following:

    Stop blaming and start leading.
    Stop harping on negativity and instead share a consistent message of communal and credible optimism.
    Win the hearts and minds of independents, rather than primarily rallying their base.

    And this ad is a painful reminder that Rick Perry will definitely not be our next president.

    Neither will any GOP candidate if they can’t get their act together.

  2. Sounds a lot like the last three years... Says:

    Stephen, when I saw your highlighted points, I thought you were talking about Obama.

  3. Stephen Palmer Says:

    Well, we were watching two different campaigns then.

    Obama’s 2008 campaign message was largely and consistently upbeat, hopeful, vibrant, and optimistic.

    Obama has a gift for speaking to people in their language about the things they care about that Perry just….doesn’t, as demonstrated by his campaign so far.

    Understand, however, that Obama was my last choice for president. I’m not praising or promoting him in the least bit.

    I’m simply saying he nailed the message strategy in his campaign, and by and large the GOP right now is really off the mark.

  4. Sounds a lot like the last three years... Says:

    Perhaps we did see different campaigns. The one I remember is “Bush is bad”. That campaign has not let up yet, it is still his fault. Oh, and it is the Republican congress’ fault too. And it is the greedy “rich” people, and those nasty Tea Partiers, and can you believe the run of bad luck we’ve had worldwide? It just might be another vast right-wing conspiracy.

  5. Jerome Borden Says:

    Governor Perry has a huge advantage if he becomes the nominee. He can list actual accomplishments. From the other side, there will be the sounds of crickets chirping while the fellow is looking for clues in those tele-prompters.

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