Daily Fix, Aug 16


Race for the White House:

*Money, money,money – it’s all about the money. Governor Rick Perry’s fundraising “dash” sparks worries (Politico) while Michele Bachmann’s disclosures show farm subsidies she has repeatedly asserted she never received. LA Times Meanwhile, Obama continues his taxpayer-funded non-campaign bus tour of the midwest, telling his audience “You’ve got to send a message to Washington that it is time for the games to stop.” NY Times I think he even said it with a straight face.

*Stumping in New Hampshire: Governor Jon Huntsman spent the weekend campaigning in New Hampshire. He snagged Tim Pawlenty’s NH chair (WMUR Political Scoop), and attended at least 8 official campaign events as he continues to build buzz in that key New England state. Deseret News  In the meantime, Mary Kaye stumps in South Carolina with 3 of the couple’s daughters. CNN

*Mitt Romney continued to focus on Obama, calling his bus tour the “Magical Misery Tour.” NY Post He did take a minute to take a jab at Rick Perry’s lack of experience in the private sector. CNN He is also taking on organized labor, encouraging New Hampshire to move to a “Right-to-Work” state. (Interestingly, the GOP legislature in NH just passed such a law, but the Democratic guv vetoed it.) The Hill

*Meanwhile, Rick Perry is enjoying a very nice post-announcement bounce. It’s so big, in fact, that Rasmussen shows him up by 11 points over Mitt Romney. As the vetting begins in earnest, there are plenty of darts headed Perry’s way – he issued an executive order mandating a controversial vaccine, his immigration stance is unpopular in some circles (he favors in-state tuition for kids in Texas illegally for example), he’s a career politician and at least a dozen other items that need some ‘splainin’. One thing that doesn’t need much, though, is his record on jobs. A local blogger, Matthias Shapiro, perhaps best known for his 1000 Pennies videos, walks us through why Perry’s job numbers DO hold up.


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