State Policy Network, 2011


The nationwide State Policy Network – made up of free market think tanks from every state – convened their annual convention in Seattle Tuesday evening. Bringing over 600 attendees from all over the country, the conference is offering 4 tracks – Leadership, Communications, Development and Policy.

Today’s communication track included classes on Facebook and how to maximize it’s usage. The luncheon included the first annual presentation of the Unsung Hero award by the Vernon K Krieble Foundation. The award – which came with a $25,000 check – was presented to Oregon activist Steve Schopp. The keynote speaker was Kevan Kjar, w gave a fascinating presentation on “Winning the Story War.” I’m sure you know what I mean – how do you make your message compelling? The need to sharpen the message seems especially pertinent for think tanks who love to churn out policy papers but struggle gettng their message across.

The afternoon communications track included a discssion on “Translatng Policy Into Action, or at Least English.” Dovetailing nicely with the lunch session, the presenters talked about the power of using social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-In, YouTube – all of it. One of my favorite lines from Todd Wynn, vice-president of Cascade Policy Institute, was “Plagiarize yourself.” Write something once, then re-package it a number of ways. Have a long research paper? Go ahead and turn that paper into blog posts that you then tweet about, convert it to an op-ed piece, create a YouTube video, then tweak again and turn parts of it into an email you send to supporters. Good stuff.

The conference continues Thursday when one of the keynote speakers will be Utah Senator Dan Liljenquist speaking on pension reform.



2 Responses to “State Policy Network, 2011”

  1. JBT Says:

    Communists called this “propaganda”.

  2. Greg Says:

    Democrats call this “talking points”

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