Hatch not ruling out 2018 run


Chris Vanocur of ABC4 did an exclusive interview with Senator Orrin Hatch this week. It was the first interview since Congressman Jason Chaffetz announced he was not running for the US Senate.

Vanocur asked about Jim Matheson as a possible opponent. Hatch replied that he was good friends with Jim and that he didn’t think he would run. Just like Hatch didn’t think Chaffetz would run. And like he doesn’t think anyone else will run. Because everyone knows you don’t run against the juggernaut, right?

Vanocur then followed up by asking the Senator if he won next year, would he run again in 2018?

ABC 4: “Will that be it? Will that be your last term?”

Senator Hatch: “Well, let me put it to you this way…”

For those playing at home, that was neither a yes or a no answer.

So, we asked the senator again.

ABC 4: “That almost sounds like, if you’re reelected, you would leave open the option of running for another term after that?”

Senator: Hatch: “Well, I think it’s too early to make any decision there. It’s unlikely I would run again but I wouldn’t foreclose it.”

So there you have it folks – 36 years is not enough for Senator Hatch. 42 years may not be enough. At what point does Utah step up and say “Enough is enough?”



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  1. Randall Scripter Says:

    Many of us will vote ‘enough is enough’ the first chance we get.

  2. The Hatch Machine vs. ? « The S.T.A.R. Forum Says:

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  3. Jerome Borden Says:

    Senator Hatch has had a long and varied career. I moved to Utah because he helped make sure that Hill AFB would survive while President Clinton managed to tell multiple lies or break promises about keeping McClellan AFB alive. However, I was also introduced to Gun Owners of America while working there. What follows is GOA’s perspective on Senator Orrin Hatch:

    During Pres. Clinton’s terms, voted against gun owners 11 out of 24 times. Record goes back to 1997, so this is incomplete, but 54% is a failing grade in any school I ever attended. Probably survived due to Hill AFB support.

    During Pres. Bush’s terms, one bad vote out of thirteen, not too shabby. But, then we elected a totally different President.

    During Pres. Obama’s 1st year: 5 bad votes out of 15 including confirming AG Holder and confirming Cass Sunstein (2 votes).

    During Pres. Obama’s 2nd year: No bad votes out of 5.

    During Pres. Obama’s 3rd year, so far: Four bad votes out of eight which, at 50% is a flat-out “F” which teachers wrote in red back in my day. Three of those votes were chicken out “Present” votes during filibuster and confirmation votes of Judges.

    During his career, he has tended to not respond to GOA position questionnaires on gun rights. Based on that perspective, I would look for somebody new.

  4. nacilbupera Says:

    That Hatch would run in 2018 comes as no surprise. I have felt for a long time that Hatch plans to die in office just like his good friend Ted Kennedy, not retire. Indeed, Hatch has now taken up roost in Kennedy’s old secret office. http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/sports/52048914-90/hatch-kennedy-hideaway-office.html.csp

  5. James Russell Says:

    The fact that he runs despite it being counter to his original claim against his opponent (that he was old and had been there too long) when he first won his seat tells me that he has lost his perspective.

    Do you think Rep Chaffetz liked where he was at in the House (from an influence perspective) and that’s what made him stay? Or, do you think there was other motivation? I think we could have picked up the 60% of the delegate vote to avoid a primary.

  6. James Russell Says:

    @nacilbupera so much for his belief in small government

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