Marco Rubio speaks at the Reagan Library


See for yourselves why Senator Rubio is considered a conservative darling. He was invited to speak at the Reagan Library by none other than Nancy Reagan herself.

Here are a couple of tidbits from the Q&A session. Senator Rubio was asked how to turn “our liberal friends” away from government spending. His response:

“I think they are Americans who love their country, who want a nation of prosperity and compassion, who think government is the only institution that can do that. And the truth is that, there is no nation on Earth that has been able to do that.
“It’s not because they’re ill-intentioned, and they don’t love America, it’s because they’re wrong. The truth is on our side.”

When asked how government should shape children into citizens, Rubia put the responsibility squarely where it belongs: with family and community, then added:

Our rights don’t come from our government; our rights come from our God. Rights come from God. Government’s job is to protect those rights. Those are the founding principles of our nation. Without that principle in place, the American Revolution was just another colonial rebellion.


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