Rick Perry’s new ad swings hard at Obama


Check out this ad from Rick Perry. One of the biggest “dangers” of branding so strongly on one logo (the Obama “O”, in this case) is that good marketers can often turn it. “O” now equals “Zero” – and I bet they can get that to stick. What do you think?


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2 Responses to “Rick Perry’s new ad swings hard at Obama”

  1. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Republicans will own the zero bit, especially if it is coming from Mr Texas miracle. Ole Parry improved the unemployment rate in Texas by creating 144,000 new public employee jobs in that State, The job loses that lead to zero growth in August are directly related loses in public employees in the rest of the Country after huge reckless cuts where forced by republicans in congress who where running to every person they could find to make sure they knew who is really in charge(them according to them).

    And now they are rejecting Obama’s new jobs bill, which is mostly tax cuts FYI(when the republicans stop liking those?), Also rejecting the extension of other job creating efforts, even going so far as to reject the south Korea/Panama free trade agreement over job displacement aid program Originally passed under Reagan!

    Really do the republicans in congress believe in anything anymore?

    Great Ad however, Tho Obama has been polling higher then Perry in Perry’s own state so I am not so sure he is the best choice for the GOP, mind you I don’t think their are any “good” choices for the republicans yet.

  2. John English Says:

    With each debate, I hope more and more that Rick Perry does not win the nomination.

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