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Since the Daily Fix seems to have gone the way of all the earth, I thought I could at least touch on some of the political news over the weekend that hasn’t been picked up by “Cornflakes” or Utah Policy.

In the Deseret News, Piganelli and Webb say that despite the delays, redistricting has been mostly fair. Despite predictable but illogical complaints from Democrats, do-gooder groups and liberal editorial writers, this redistricting process has been the most open, transparent and fair in many decades. While Democrats have demanded a gerrymandered district carved out specifically so a Democrat is guaranteed to win, the Republican majority and Gov. Gary Herbert are on track to create districts that accurately represent the political makeup of the Utah electorate, with Republican/Democrat proportions similar to current districts. That’s fair and proper. We reconvene next week.

The deficit super-committee is struggling to come to an agreement – any agreement on how to reach their assigned goal of $1.2 trillion in savings over the next 10 years. (Keep in mind that we deficit spend some $400 billion A DAY) The reason? According to the Washington Post, it’s the familiar deadlock over taxes and cuts to major programs like Medicare and the Medicaid health care program for the poor and disabled. Democrats won’t go for an agreement that doesn’t include lots of new tax revenue; Republicans are just as ardently anti-tax. The impasse over revenues means that Democrats won’t agree to cost curbs on popular entitlement programs like Medicare. I know I’m shocked. How about you?

Carl Wimmer is going to have some competition in the (likely) 4th Congressional district. Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love sat down with Chris Vanocur of Channel 4 and talked about her potential run. She’s not afraid to run against Wimmer, she says. That could be one of the most interesting races in the state in the upcoming cycle.

Speaking of mayors, Mayor Mike Winder held a fundraiser on Friday night. His haul? A whopping $130,000. With as much struggle other candidates have gone through to hit the $100K mark, maybe he should consider running for Congress instead of Salt lake county mayor. That’s impressive.

Finally, if none of that interests you, perhaps this will: Hours after running (and walking) the Chicago marathon, Amber Miller gave birth to her second child. I love it!


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2 Responses to “Weekend recap”

  1. rmwarnick Says:

    If the unaccountable SuperCongress deadlocks, I’ll be OK with it. Washington ought to address the needs of the middle class. We don’t want budget cuts in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

    The so-called “automatic cuts” aren’t any more so than the expiration of the Bush-Obama Tax Cuts For The Rich. I won’t believe either one until I see it happen.

  2. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    I bet your right rmwarnick, they will repeal the automatic trigger before allowing those defense cuts to actually take place the whole supercongress thing was farcical in the first place.

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