Chaffetz questions Napolitano on “Fast and Furious”


Good for Congressman Chaffetz. “Fast and Furious” is an embarrassment at best, but which frankly strikes me as downright criminal.


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4 Responses to “Chaffetz questions Napolitano on “Fast and Furious””

  1. markg91359 Says:

    Perhaps, if Jason Chaffetz ever had an even one slightly positive thing to say about the Administration, I would take him seriously. As it is, he is simply one more GOP attack dog.

  2. Richard Warnick Says:

    I agree, what a fiasco. Why did the Bush administration allow this to happen? Oh, wait, we’re supposed to blame President Obama?

  3. Girl With Very Fast Hands Says:

    Girl With Very Fast Hands…

    […]Chaffetz questions Napolitano on “Fast and Furious” « Holly On The Hill[…]…

  4. John Says:

    I find it amusing that folks who derided Bush through his entire presidency are now so thin skinned when their guy is president. The vile crap I had to listen to and read on protest signs for 8 years was nauseating and I didn’t even like Bush very much or at all. I don’t like Obama either but I find the double standard very telling and it means that Chaffets isn’t the only one not being taken seriously here.

    I find it even more amusing that liberals deploy the “hey Bush did it too” defense after telling us that he was a complete moron for 8 years. So let me make sure I got this. Bush is an idiot and Obama is a good leader for doing what Bush did? LMFAO

    Did Democratic house members have anything positive to say about the Bush admin during his 8 years? House members routinely associated “The Bush Regime” with Hilter (which is about the most intelectually dishonest thing you can use as an insult) Do you still take them seriously?

    Has it occurred to you that many of the things that BDS sufferers hated about Bush have been kept under the Obama admin? Examples? Patriot Act, Gitmo, The “Surge 2.0”, waging an illegal war in Libya, padding the pockets of your cronies (Bush had the no bid contracts with Halliburton and Obama has Solyndra, Light Squared) and lastly Obama has routinely circumvented congress with the EO…something that was “unprecedented and unconstitutional” when Bush did it. Funny that. Here is a hint: it’s unconstitutional regardless of who does it…and if you are not willing to be critical of something just because it is your guy then you are by definition a hack.

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