The Donkey Whisperer


I heart campaign ads…..


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8 Responses to “The Donkey Whisperer”

  1. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    its an ok ad, bit slow and nothing that really latches onto anything memorable, So good for people who will vote GoP anyway but not much else.

    More interesting however is the poll numbers of a question I am shocked is even being asked in the first place.

    The GoP’s efforts to stop any form of job creation what so ever in congress is backfiring on them.

    These are numbers from registered voters in Florida, on the question of rather or not that think the GoP is purposely sabotaging the economy to stop Obama from being re-elected.

    Overall – 49% agree
    Democrats – 70% agree
    Independents – 52% agree
    republicans – 24% agree

    This in a state where the Republican Governor consistently polls below 30% approval.

  2. Kyle Friant Says:

    Oh really? As I look at approval polls he’s only had less then 30% once.
    Also, the GOP are “sabotaging the economy”, huh? That’s nothing, but a lie. Anyone who would suggest that Obama’s “Jobs Bill” isn’t going to be another stimulus result is crazy (or a blind partisan).
    I really like this ad. I think that it is more proof that there is a reson why democrats chose the donkey as their symbol…

  3. Kyle Friant Says:

    Also, during Rick Scott’s term as governor unemployment has gone down by over 2%, so I guess that you can’t claim that Florida hasn’t seen change with him as governor.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    The statical number is going down everywhere, but that is related to their unemployment benefits running out. The number is taken from the number of people currently receiving unemployment benefits not the number out of work!

    And their have been plenty of polls with him at or below 30%, similar situations in OH, and WI fyi.

  5. youthforeagar Says:

    In Wisconsin, huh? From what I see Scott Walker has never had one approval under 40% so…

  6. John Says:

    It’s interesting that I have folks are saying that the GOP is trying to kill jobs by stopping pieces of Obama’s job’s bill. Wouldn’t that premis require that we first determine that the legislation WOULD create jobs? I have yet to see anything like that….just one liners and regurgitated tolaking points that boil down to liberals pointing the finger at the GOP and yelling “obstructionist”! Basically childish name calling. Which is especially amusing when juxtapoded against the liberals attitudes towards being obstructionist when Bush was President….as recently as 2009. Funny how the rules have changed.

  7. jobs it,jobs ausland Says:

    jobs it,jobs ausland…

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  8. Kyle Friant Says:

    This was a great ad and lets get Williams in congress.

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