Rick Perry’s meltdown. Oops.


One of the biggest gaffes in a national debate came when Rick Perry couldn’t remember the 3 agencies he would cut.

And the attempt to put it back together….poke fun at yourself (but I’m thinkin’ it’s not gonna work – how ’bout you?)


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9 Responses to “Rick Perry’s meltdown. Oops.”

  1. Kyle Friant Says:

    I actually thought that the comeback line was all right, but I don’t buy it.

  2. Kyle Friant Says:

    Interesting. Look at this quote:
    “It was a tough moment…We all felt very bad for him.”- Michelle Bachmann

  3. jbt Says:

    This just adds to the proof that one doesn’t have to be very bright to be elected governor of the state of Texas.

  4. John English Says:

    That Top 10 list was painful. Good for him being a good sport, but those are the actions of someone who’s already dropped out of the race.

  5. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Not sure the self inflicted lemon meringue reversal was a good choice of strategies in response to that debate. Mind you their are a few people that could pull it off, none of them however live in Texas.

  6. Jerome Borden Says:

    Been there, done that except for getting on Leno, Letterman, etc. Unfortunately, the scene tended to be places like HS and College tests. (OUCH!) It’s been getting worse over the years because of NEA policies such as prohibiting phonics and memorization. The speech, vision, and reasoning functions are found in different parts of the brain and the only way to get them to work together is exercise, just like muscles.

    On the other hand, some people never had a clue. How about Navy “Corpse Man” and 57 states?

  7. rmwarnick Says:

    The sad thing is, he could have threatened to close down any three departments other than the DOD and the audience would have cheered.

  8. jbt Says:

    The National Education Association has never adopted a policies that prohibit phonics and memorization in schools. That is utter nonsense.

  9. jbt Says:

    That should read “has never adopted policies”. Oops. This blog needs an edit function.

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