US laundering drug money


US agents, primarily from the Drug Enforcement Agency, have laundered millions of dollars in Mexican drug money the New York Times said this week. It would appear that every time Congressmen Darrell Issa, Jason Chaffetz and others try to peel back the lid on the Fast and Furious scandal, there is even more to discover.

Apparently “our” plan is to send guns and money to Mexican drug lords. The Times then understates the obvious:

“The high-risk activities raise delicate questions about the agency’s effectiveness in bringing down drug kingpins, underscore diplomatic concerns about Mexican sovereignty, and blur the line between surveillance and facilitating crime.”

Um. Delicate questions? Really? I’m thinking more along the lines of a Chris Christie questioning……

Let me say again – this is not pocket change.

One D.E.A. official said it was not unusual for American agents to pick up two or three loads of Mexican drug money each week. A second official said that as Mexican cartels extended their operations from Latin America to Africa, Europe and the Middle East, the reach of the operations had grown as well. When asked how much money had been laundered as a part of the operations, the official would only say, “A lot.”

“If you’re going to get into the business of laundering money,” the official added, “then you have to be able to launder money.”

Congressman Issa announced that he is expanding his probe into the gun-running debacle. 52 congressmen, three U.S. senators, four presidential candidates, two sitting governors and one potential US Senate candidate from Utah are demanding Holder’s immediate resignation over Fast and Furious.


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9 Responses to “US laundering drug money”

  1. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Please, this has been a tactic for years under both republican and democrat presidents. The DEA, DOHS, etc can learn huge amounts of information from where their marked bills leave the cartel. Often terrorists and drugs trafficking are related operations to. Using marked bills in the fashion they have will lead them to all parts of the supply chain, including production, distribution, border crossing, delivery and distribution.

    Every time one of these bills pops back up you know where money is coming out of the drug lords system, it is a place to investigate and possibly engage in enforcement activity.

    In fact the resent shutting of the Zetas own cell phone network may be related to US intelligence operations forcing the hands of otherwise bought off Mexican politicians.

    Wouldn’t you like US DEA/DOHS/CIA to know more about the financial system that allowed a drug cartel to run a 1,400 radio cell network in Mexico built solely for the purpose of violating US law? Wouldn’t it be interesting if out intelligence services knew which Mexican politician’s where bought off at any particular moment when they deposit marked US bills in their bank accounts?

    Darrell Issa is a piece of garbage, he has said on more then one occasion that he won’t investigate anything that doesn’t fit the “Narrative”. This nonsense is a fish expedition nothing more. Pray that he doesn’t put more US agents at risk for his own political gain.

  2. markg91359 Says:

    It may be that presidents of both parties are responsible and this may have been going on for years. However, the far right frequently plays this game. To hear them talk only democrats and Obama are responsible. All republican politicians are “goody two shoes” and only want to protect our constitutional rights. This is the same bunch of hypocrites who would have thrown the whole country into a financial crisis by refusing to rate the debt ceiling and than would have claimed Obama is responsible. These are not admirable people.

  3. Greg Says:

    Ronald and Mark,
    If I understand you correctly, your argument is that if a law has ever been broken then it is justifiable to continue to break it forever, at least if you are a Democrat. Is it possible for either of you to acknowledge that the “anointed one” or at least someone in his administration has made a mistake? Or are we going to continue to hear forever, for every bad decision, “It’s Bushs fault?” (or the Republicans, the Tea Party, bad luck, the phase of the moon, or the sun was in my eye) This obsession with maintaining the illusion that Obama and company are perfection personified is becoming more and more absurd. Eventually the progressive propaganda machine will not be able to keep up.

  4. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    When did I bring up Bush?!? your obsession with him is unhealthy.

    I am not sold any law was broken, And in the issue of fighting terrorists and drug lords the tactic used by the DEA actually seems like a good choice.

    They don’t have to have agents embedded deeper in the ranks of the orginization to learn about it, minimizing risk to DEA personal. They can engage in enforcement actions that don’t require risking personal via freezing bank accounts and monitoring activity that can lead to arrests that avoid shoot outs.

    This also avoids sharing information with compromised individuals in foreign governments preventing leaks that can risk the lives of personal in the operation.

    This isn’t an issue of breaking the law, The DEA isn’t laundering ill gotten money, they are passing through marked money that can be traced and follow as it moves around. From the perspective of the drug cartel it doesn’t look any different from laundered money but its an information gold mine for DEA and US intelligence agency’s.

    Really I don’t see the issue, this is just reasonable action to enforce US law, to some extent due to international scope protect US Soveignty, Doesn’t violate any international laws(like say water boarding does). And yes leads to international enforcement actions that cut terrorist orginizations off of money from drug trafficking cartels.

    Darral Issa broadcasting that we are currently operating such a covert operation puts US DEA and intelligence personal in harms way, He otta be drumed out of the house of representatives for putting American lives at risk for his own political benefit for his fish expedition. And to be clear he could have ran his “investigation” under secret rules that are provided to him to seek out any illegal activity without putting DEA agents at risk. The only reason to broadcast such an investigation is purely political.

  5. Pops Says:

    Holly said nothing about left or right, Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. Yet the first responses address it as if it were a political issue. Do really think that reasonable people care about the political affiliation of people breaking the law?!?

  6. hollyonthehill Says:

    Pops! I’ve missed you! Welcome back. 🙂

  7. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    No, but they do care about the platform for addressing breaks in the law, when a politician puts American personal lives at risk for a fish expedition when their are means to investigate that don’t put lives at risk they have gone to far.

    What is it you don’t get about it being a bad thing to broadcast details about a currently running intelligence operation? Mr. Issa might as well save the cartel the time and kill the American agents himself with all of the details he has made public, a simple bullet would be much kinder to our agents then what the cartels will do to them if they find them.

  8. Greg Says:


    I find your outrage over the outing of the fast and furious scandal fascinating. I’d be interested in hearing you compare and contrast it with Iran-contra.

  9. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Again the congressional committee can meet secretly, they have this ability precisely because they need a forum to discuss legal misconduct that doesn’t put American agents lives at risk by outing details about ongoing operations.

    Iran-contra was before my time, I don’t know enough about that to give any opinion. Did the live broadcasted public congressional hearings on this occur as the operation was in motion putting American lives at risk? From the short bit on wikipedia it sounds like Reagan was upto some likely illegal hanky panky, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Either way I haven’t seen anything that would make me think that the DEA has committed any legal misconduct. Buying drugs with marked money has been a long used and court tested legal method of intelligence gathering. Using by the DEA and other agencies for decades and decades, under multiple differing partisan administrations.

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