Dan Liljenquist resigns, followed by Dave Clark


The surest sign so far that Dan Liljenquist will be running for federal office was his resignation last week from the Utah Senate. Recently named “Legislator of the Year” by left-leaning Governing Magazine and “Legislative Entrepreneur of the Year” by right-leaning FreedomWorks, the Bountiful businessman has said simply that a decision has been made and an announcement will be forthcoming after the first of the year.

Known for his ground-breaking work on pension reform in 2010 and Medicaid reform in 2011, Liljenquist recently concluded a well-received statewide series of 21 “Fiscal Reality” townhalls over the last 3 months. He is widely rumored to be running for the US Senate.

Former Speaker of the House, Dave Clark, also announced his resignation from the Utah legislature yesterday. He will be seeking the nomination for the 2nd Congressional district.

There are several other Utah legislators running for different offices in the 2012 cycle but who are not expected to resign. Senators Romero and McAdams have announced they are running for Salt Lake County mayor, Reps Wimmer and Sandstrom are running for the 4th Congressional district, Rep Herrod is rumored to also be running for the US Senate and Rep Sumsion is running for Governor. Should be an interesting legislative session!


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  1. Jerome Borden Says:

    What’s making this election even more interesting are all those people skipping the Second District and running in the Fourth. Meanwhile, I have yet to see a final map of those Congressional Districts. So, who is going to show up in the Second?

    Senator Hatch voted “Present”, AGAIN! This time, it was the Judge Caitlin J. Halligan to the DC Circuit Court, a Cloture vote. Prediction: That “interesting” season will start at the Precinct Caucus meetings and run through the Convention. Then, we’ll see.

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