A very TSA Christmas


Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained.




5 Responses to “A very TSA Christmas”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Too many people don’t believe ‘their’ government would take their rights. It drives me batty. Gotta get more people to wake up!!
    Liked the song.

  2. JBT Says:

    I make a point of thanking each TSA employee I come in contact with for their service when I travel by air and go through security. They are polite, professional, extremely well trained and diligent in following the agency’s procedures put in place to help insure the safety of every American.

    They are “service men and women” just like those in the military employed by the US government to protect our safety, and as such should not be the targets of cheap partisan pot shots from those on the right.

  3. James Russell Says:

    JBT: I’ve usually had a positive experience and have thanked those individuals for their courtesy. I’ve also NOT had that experience when I refuse the scan and opt to video my subsequent experience.

    I don’t think anyone is knocking the employees. That’s like saying that if I disagree with a war, then I’m against the people of the military who are employed as personnel. Not true.

    It’s the very policies that people disagree with…not those following them.

  4. Jerome Borden Says:

    I’ve gone through the airports; so far, so good. But, when given the choice and opportunity, it’s either the car rental company, my wheels, or Greyhound.

  5. JBT Says:

    James: Anyone who refuses to be scanned needs to grow up and behave like an adult. Anyone who refuses to be scanned and then take a video of the search that follows is just looking for a confrontation with the TSA. Anyone who behaves like a troublemaker should be treated as such and has no right to whine when they get what they are asking for.

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