Familiar rhetoric?


I thought the State of the Union address sounded familiar. It wasn’t just the repetition – it was all of the Republican soundbites tossed in there as well.


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11 Responses to “Familiar rhetoric?”

  1. markg91359 Says:

    Obama has some issues as President. However, your post is illustrative of what I have seen for the last three years. The GOP literally cannot find *anything* that he has does they agree with. If Obama said the sun rose in the East every morning the GOP would dispute it.

    Keep it up, is my advice. The polls don’t exactly look robust for GOP Congressional candidates or for Mitt and Newt both.

    My betting money is on “O” right now to win reelection by a narrow margin. I suspect if it happens there will be a lot of audible groaning from diehard conservatives.

  2. JBT Says:

    The only failure in this government is the obstructionist tactics of the Republicans in Congress who will not support anything the President tries to do to help this nation’s recovery—even those programs that were previously Republican sponsored or had their support.

  3. ERIC in Murray Says:

    JBT- 1000 Days without a budget. Your argument is SHOT and a DUMBOcRAT BS talking point. THANKS. your stupidity is showing.
    MArk: “some issues? Your POSpotus is responsible for 33% of our National Debt for what? payouts to his cronies? YOU DUMBFUCK!

  4. Drew Gilliland Says:

    The lack of support (except in time of crisis) for a President of the other party is disturbing. How do you explain to your kids that it is just a normal part of politics and that it is okay to deride your leaders in the name of politics? It is frustrating that the rhetoric can’t be turned down on moments like these.

  5. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Finely under pressure from Obama the STOCK act is finely going to pass,

    The republicans caved at long last,


    congressional insider trading will soon be illegal. No idea if it will get through the republican house, but no longer will they be able to blame the other house in this one, its squarelly in the house republicans lap. And they can kill this bill at their own peril.

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  7. mark Says:

    Eric, nothing like name calling is there when you lack the evidence or logic to make an argument?

    We got a jobs report this morning that is pretty good. Officially unemployment is down to 8.3%. Inflation is negligible, running at 3% or less this year. The stock market is up again and may break 13,000 soon.

    Something is finally working in this country. As the jobless rate decreases, tax collections will increase and the deficit will start going down.

    If I were a republican, I wouldn’t get too excited just yet about taking O’s job. The polls look really bad for Newt and less than spectacular for Mitt. Of course, a lot can happen between now and November. However, you better face the fact that the economy is on an upward trend (even if its a slow one). When Bush left office it was collapsing. Although, I realize you and your GOP buddies “alternative history” was that things were “fine” until Obama took office and than the economy suddenly disintegrated because he’s a left wing socialist commie, right?

    The smart money is on O right now for reelection–albeit by a narrow margin. Good luck guys and have a good next five years.

  8. Greg Says:

    I agree with Mark, JBT and Drew. Republican obstructionist tactics are finally turning the economy around.

  9. ERIC in Murray Says:


    Keep Believing the “most transparent” numbers of this CORRUPT administration.
    Just more evidence you are a moron and a DUMBfuck.
    A is A. – Law of Identity. Your party is diseased with the lethal diagnosis of LIBERALISM. Your party is doomed and so is your dictator “O” – EVIDENCE? 2010.

  10. ERIC in Murray Says:

    PS MARK and MORON LIBS (greg, jbt, etc.) – Namecalling is something you approved of when you called the last president a NAZI and started your Idiotic treatment of BeTRAY-US, bushlies, People die, etc.
    THis POS president called me a Teabagger.
    I call him and your ilk names because they are just words.
    Now “EAT YOUR PEAS”- Barry Soreoto – 2010
    WILL YOU and the Dictator “O” OUTLAW words in the second term?
    Thats what we dont know so thats why the dictator “O” has to go.
    YOU LOSE! thats what Losers do! A is A.
    Therefore, obama is a POS socialist and
    WE THE PEOPLE will kick his skinny butt back to Chicago or kenya wherever it came from.

    YOur “facts” are frauds and so is your president.

  11. mark Says:


    I guess to hear a tirade like that we really got under your skin.

    I know you hate to hear it, but the Tea Potty has already peaked and is rapidly deflating. How else do you explain the fact that Ron Paul continually comes in third or less in the GOP primaries?

    Your only hope for winning this Presidential election is to nominate Mitt and hope for the best. The American people aren’t going to buy a reactionary agenda when there is proof the economy is recovering. I think the odds are even against Mitt winning at this point, but who knows? Maybe this guy can convince people he could do a better job than O has.

    I know its pretty discouraging for your ilk right now. All those hopes you had after November 2010 are rapidly fading. However, try to watch your language. Young children and people with low IQs may be reading this.

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