Momentum – Dan Liljenquist’s got it!


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3 Responses to “Momentum – Dan Liljenquist’s got it!”

  1. Adam Gale Says:

    I prefer Chris Herrod, but Dan is my number two choice. Hatch has got to go!!

  2. ERIC in Murray Says:


    anyone but obama
    anyone but orin

  3. gojo Says:

    Utahns (at least Establishment Utahns) seem to have an unrealistic view of the need for Senate seniority. As a freshman Senator, Jake Garn was very effective in protecting Utah from crippling air regulation. As a freshman Senator, Orrin Hatch was effective in blocking an expansion of power by Big Labor. As a freshman Senator, Mike Lee is making his mark (not least by provoking Hatch to Good Works).

    What these examples show is that seniority is not necessary to effective representation. It is discouraging that Hatch now relies for re-election on a seniority system he ignored as a freshman.

    As a freshman Senator, Dan Liljenquist will be just as effective as Garn was, or as Hatch was.

    It’s TIME!


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