Republicans attacking the free market?


Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. ~ Milton Friedman

You have to wonder what kind of topysy-turvey world we live in when Reublicans – REPUBLICANS! – start attacking the free market. The GOP is supposed to represent liberty, freedom, and individualism. Yet the intra-party attack du jour is to go after those who have had success in the free market. What?!

Creating jobs is now a bad thing. Freedom to try – and to fail – is now frowned upon by some who claim the mantle of Republican. If we refuse to let people fail, doesn’t that then make us the party of bailouts and big government? The beauty of the free market is …. wait for it…..that it’s free! Free to try, free to win, free to fail and free to try again.

Overly burdensome regulations. Heavy taxation. Uncertainty in the market place. All crushing to innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. What business owner in Illinois wants to stay when corporate income taxes went up almost 50% and personal income tax went up 66% – in one year? What business wants to invest in growing when the rules could change on a whim? Businesses that want to be successful in today’s global economy are flexible, nimble – and smart. They grow, they move and they adapt to a changing market – but they don’t stick around waiting to be destroyed by government.

Freedom in the marketplace (and elsewhere!) means freedom to fail. Guaranteeing employment by never firing people is what leads to bloated, inefficient bureaucracies. I fire people all the time and so do you. If I go to a restaurant and the service is poor, I might fire that restaurant by never going back. If I go to a service provider and they are surly and rude, I fire them by taking my business elsewhere. If I buy a product that turns out to be poor quality, I fire the company that made it by not buying their products again. Imagine being forced to eat at that restaurant, go to that provider or buy that product – and to fund this businesses out of your own pocket. That’s a mandate I know *I* don’t want imposed on me, nor on anyone else. So how is it possible that Republicans are now picking up the Obama line?

Obama has set his sights on Mitt Romney, a successful businessman in today’s global economy, for well, being successful. Whether you support Mitt or not, Republicans should be outraged at the attacks on the free market – not joining those attacks. Newt Gingrich, called a “human hand grenade” by Peggy Noonan, looks like an idiot for siding with Obama and arguing against success. It’s not just happening on the national stage, either. This week, Senate candidate Dan Liljenquist was attacked for being a successful businessman, competing on a global stage. Perhaps his detractors need a reminder of what the free market is all about…..


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7 Responses to “Republicans attacking the free market?”

  1. Jeremy Nicoll Says:

    At one point liberals were the champions of freedom (which is why some libertarian minded people call themselves classical liberals). All too often we let our belief of rightness preclude the idea that perhaps we might be wrong about something. We stop questioning ourselves, and then everything we think or do becomes right regardless of if it really makes sense or not. This type of thinking has pervaded mankind for as long as I can tell in written history. It’s what got us “We’re going to destroy free markets to save them” as well as many other things that are completely illogical when examined.

  2. Tiffany Says:

    When Mitt supports indexing minimum wage rather than abolishing it.. he doesn’t understand the free market or he doesn’t support it.

  3. Drew Gilliland Says:

    You are right. It is sad that risk taking and success is not held up to a higher esteem. Yes, some fail when they take risks, but that is what makes it interesting. When you understand how hard it really is to be successful and to maintain such success, you appreciate those who have done well and are less inclined to criticize them. I got fired from my first fast food job as a teenager. I deserved it!. I was not a great employee. I learned from that failure and have had many successes since then. Rewarding success does not mean crushing those who fail, which is what most people think. The free market is and should be the ultimate determiner of who is rewarded and who is not.

  4. mark Says:

    No, what I suspect is that Romney realizes that opposition to the minimum wage is not a mainstream position and is bound to cost him votes with the responsible portion of the electorate. Even Rick Santorum stated he supported the minimum wage. Opposition to it smacks of someone who only cares about corporations and businesses and has no regard for the poorest in our society.

  5. Richard Warnick Says:

    According to the Romney campaign and its super-PACs, any criticism of their candidate is an attack on the “free market.” But Bain Capital looted pension funds and bankrupted companies, in effect extracting profits from the federal government’s Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. That’s vulture capitalism of the worst kind.

  6. Ronald D. Hunt Says:

    Their doing again to American Airlines, converting 130,000 pensions to junk 401k’s dropping much of the costs on the Pension benefit guaranty corporation, outsourcing 13,000 jobs by flying planes to Asia for repair and maintenance. All the while paying Bain Capital $535,000 per month for the “consulting” services.

    Romney doesn’t represent Capitalism, he represents everything that is wrong with the system. He says that the tax system needs reform yet Bain capital was paying lobbing firms heavily in 2006-7 to prevent the closing of the carried interest loophole, He is backed by a list of super pacs and their secret donors, He has spent more money in some primary states then what was spent in the last general election, And he is a flipflopper.

    Obamacare = Romneycare
    Massachusetts he was pro choice now he is anti abortion
    His treatment of animals has caused the American Kennel Association to come out against him.
    Bain Capital directly profited from bailouts.

    Mind you he might still be the least bad of all the republican candidates that have a remote chance. Of course it might be more interesting to ask the question of what happens if the republicans have a brokered convention?!!

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